Republican Data Firms Agree to Voter-Data Swap | Campaign Trail – Advertising Age


These Republican firms look at have leap-frogged the Democratic firms, at least when it comes to integration.


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Politicians are cowards. More than that, they are cowardly followers. So are we.

I recently received this in an email from a friend.

Brilliant! Anger is the only way. You have won me over.  This is America.  American’s respond emotionally.  We have to rile them up against the right.  But if Democrats aren’t up for it, then who?

Who’s up for it? I think it’s up to us to be the ones who are up for it. It’s up to each of us to lead.

All this country needs is for rational people to stand up and take the fight to the extremist conservatives, to the tea party, and to the Republican Party. Their ideology and, hence, their politics have become morally, ethically, and economically bankrupt. Why should there be any room, willingness, or appetite for compromise from the middle or the left? That’s how we’ve gotten to where we are now.

No more talk of middle grounds for me.

No more talk of compromise.

No more pretending that “both sides” are equally at fault. That’s bullshit and, frankly, it always has been.

Conservatism in all its current flavors are the problem. If more independents, if more liberals, and if more progressives would just speak that fact out loud, with force and with passion at every occasion, then more and more silent but rational people would find the courage to do the same. I’m convinced of it.

I say it again. Politicians are cowards. More than that, they are cowardly followers.

If more liberals and progressives took the fight to conservatives then more and more of the cowards in the Democratic Party would follow us. We’d have more and more people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren winning elections and representing us.

And, if the cowards in the Democratic Party refused to follow our lead, then we’d simply (and finally!) lead in new 3rd and 4th and 5th directions. In fact, we ought to be doing that now.

Personal side note: According to, I align the most with Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, at 66%. A close second is Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party at 64%. Barack Obama was third at 60%. As for Party affiliation, it was a tie at 94% alignment with both the Green and the Democratic Parties. Those who know me won’t be surprised to see that I am left of both of them on the party axis chart.

My party grid from

My party grid from

None of the changes we need to make to our political and governance systems are likely to ever happen as long as there are only two all-powerful parties.

They and the Big Money that controls them will, of course, oppose more choices. That’s why the grassroots “war” must be waged on the first winnable “front.” As soon as we “politically destroy” one party, the other will finally have to acknowledge OUR power as We The People. They will know they are left with only two choices: to follow our lead and take our direction, or to risk finding themselves in the political graveyard with the first casualty.

I am committed to a strategy of “politically destroying” today’s version of conservatism and the Republican Party. The central tactic in that strategy is to continue to reveal them for what they are; the traceable and factual source of most of our problems, from economic to social to geo-political.

No, of course they are not solely to blame, but they are MORE to blame for our troubles than the Democrats. As such, they must be the first to go.

It’s time we liberals and progressives (and even you centrists) stopped being cowards. It’s time we took the fight directly and forcefully to the extremist conservatives controlling today’s GOP.

Spend the next eight minutes watching HBO’s Newsroom opening clip. It’s fiction. I know that. That’s the shame of it.

It should be the speech every rational American launches into when someone asks who’s up for leading the change we need. It’s us.

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Celebrate Labor on Labor Day – YouTube

Published on Aug 29, 2013

Robert Reich, the Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration and the subject of the upcoming documentary “Inequality for All,” shares a Labor Day message about how we can do better by workers. In the video, he announces a petition campaign to pressure McDonald’s’ and Walmart’s CEOs to pay their workers a fair wage of $15/hour.


Celebrate labor on Labor Day and everyday. It’s time more of us stood up for labor and stopped allowing the lie of trickle down economics to go unchallenged.


It was labor and the middle class who made this country great. It was not capital, it was not Wall Street and it was not and never will be the wealthy. They are nothing without the rest of us.

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10 States With Lowest Uninsured Rates Post-ACA

While the uninsured rate has dropped to a record low of 13.4% nationwide, according to Gallup figures, rates differ dramatically across states. Here are the top 10 states with the best uninsured rates in the aftermath of health care reform implementation, according to Wallethub.


What’s one of the things all 10 states have in common?


They’ve all expanded Medicaid.


See how that works?


Medicaid is expanded (almost entirely with the feds picking up the tab), and poor people get health insurance.


Where’s the bad news?

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Study Finds ‘De Facto’ Segregation Among PA Charter Schools

Charter schools in Pennsylvania are defined by their flexibility and freedom from many state regulations.A new study shows they’re also marked by their


The only form of education I oppose more than charter schools is home schooling.


Now, it seems, the numbers are starting to come in on charters. 


Not everything should be privatized.


Public education needs to be properly funded and supported to work properly. Abandoning it isn’t the answer, and making education of our children a for-profit endeavor might produce well-trained employees, but it won’t produce well-rounded and thoughtful citizens.

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Study Finds Social Media Users Actually Less Likely to Share their Opinions, Online and Off

People who use Facebook and Twitter are less likely than others to share their opinions on hot-button issues, even when they are offline, according to a surprising new survey by the Pew Research…


I also agree with this:


"While many people might be relieved and say keeping political debate off Facebook is a matter of tact, Hampton said there is a concern that fear of offending someone on social media is stifling debate, adding, "A society where people aren’t able to share their opinions openly and gain from understanding alternative perspectives is a polarized society."

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When it comes to Facebook, we all just want to be popular, study finds | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour

If you think your Facebook NewsFeed or Twitter timeline is becoming an echo chamber of the same material, you’re right. According to a new Pew Research Center report on the role of social media in civil discourse, Facebook might not be the best place to have a lively debate on a difficult topic. Continue reading →


I guess I never got the memo about the "silence" part, and I do agree that democracy is better when practiced in-person.


"But the problem with the “spiral of silence” is that it confirms the worst of conversing via social media — that it’s all talk and less walk. The study showed that while Facebook and Twitter might be useful for participating in political issues or social campaigns like the ice bucket challenge, they aren’t providing a forum for true deliberation, an activity Hampton and Rainie believe is necessary for a healthy democracy."

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What Does Earth Look Like?


Fellow map lovers will LOVE this!!!

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U.S. $2 a Day Poverty in a Global Context: Five Questions Answered

Recent studies by Thomas Piketty and others have told us a lot more about income among the richest 1 percent in America. But doing the same for America’s poorest is a much murkier proposition. Laurence Chandy and Cory Smith weigh in on five key questions raised by his latest research.


I don’t know precisely when it happened, but it feels to me like the raging vilification of the poor we’re seeing these days is a fairly recent phenomenon. 


It, for sure, feels like it comes from one side and only one side of the socio-political spectrum.


I don’t understand how some people think cutting back on social programs is supposed to miraculously make conditions better. Do we really think there are millions and millions of Americans who "like" being poor; who "choose" to be poor; who would rather live on 2 dollars or even a whopping 16 dollars a day, then to have an opportunity to learn a skill or to work for living wages so they can have some small taste of something better for themselves and their loved ones?


When I start seeing corporations sending their human resource recruiters and hiring managers out into the street to hire and train homeless and impoverished people to work living wage jobs…..


When what we call a minimum wage actually becomes a living wage even if that means – EGAD!! – the owners, executives, and shareholders make a little less money…..


When there’s even the tiniest bit of empirical evidence that trickle-down economics is anything but the greatest lie ever perpetrated on a gullible society, then I might start accepting that tax cuts for the wealthy coupled with cuts to social programs work for anyone but the rich.


Until that day comes, how about we stop blaming the poor and the working poor and start electing people who will, yes, take from the rich and give to the poor.


I suspect there are libertarian and conservative narratives out there to dispute this, but as far as the rest of us are concerned, Robin Hood, while mythical, was and still is a hero to the rest of us.

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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: Why moral perversity of U.S. position in Gaza is stunning

I think it’s safe to say that if U.S. neighborhoods were living under siege, folks like Rand Paul wouldn’t take it


You won’t want to miss Roger’s poem at the end.

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