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Unhappy Anniversary, Citizens United

Today is the 4th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s infamous “Citizens United” decision. Why should you care? Watch the 2 1/2 minute video at… … to get a sense of what money in politics is doing to us and to … Continue reading

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Republican Voters: You’re Shutting Down Yourselves and Your Neighbors

Whether shutting it down temporarily or shrinking the government permanently, the facts are that doing so tends to hurt the people in Republican states more than other states and to greater degrees than Republican voters seem to realize or are … Continue reading

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David Stockman’s Dystopia – By Jared Bernstein

See on – DidYouCheckFirst Greg Russak‘s insight: "It’s like hearing a crazy person on a street corner ranting against whatever: They invariably stumble on some profound and piercing insights, but it’s mostly dark nonsense, and instinctually, we keep our … Continue reading

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The Worst of Paul Ryan’s Budgets

See on – DidYouCheckFirst President Obama is trying to charm a party that clings to calcified ideas on spending and taxes. Just look at the latest from Representative Paul Ryan. Greg Russak‘s insight: Ryan and Romney were soundly beaten. … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman Tells GOP Senator: ‘Your Facts Are False’ On Social Security

See on – DidYouCheckFirst During a contentious panel on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) found himself at odds with his fellow panelists — and with the facts — about Social Security’s solvency. Johnson and fellow … Continue reading

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The Economics and Patriotism of Infrastructure Jobs Programs

The Economics and Patriotism of Infrastructure Jobs Programs America’s crumbling infrastructure is both a safety hazard and a drag on our economy that is projected to only get worse. If we’re going to tackle the really big challenges of government … Continue reading

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Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt: Big Business’s Tax Code Strategy

Today’s New York Times article titled “Major Companies Push the Limits of a Tax Break” strikes me as a microcosm of the challenges with the federal tax code. It also reveals something else. It’s a marketing strategy called FUD – … Continue reading

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Romney’s Impossible Tax Promise (via

“Tax experts – including one who supports Romney’s plan – say the Republican presidential candidate’s promise to cut individual income tax rates without either favoring the wealthy or losing revenue isn’t mathematically possible.”

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GOP and Tea Party Budget Cuts Make No Sense Mathematically or Logically

To any and all self-proclaimed supporters of Ryan or the Tea Party: Where would you start on a 2012 White House proposed budget that is projected to take in $2.6 trillion and spend $3.7 trillion? ( Numbers with the word … Continue reading

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Do the Math: Nibbling at the Edges Won’t Work

I received an email from a friend recently that was purported to be from a recent speech by Senator Tom Coburn. It’s supposed to be his frustration about some items in the federal budget. I’m all for fiscal responsibility. I … Continue reading

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