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Dr. West is Right. Obama is No Progressive

I am in complete agreement with Dr. West and his assessment of President Obama and the state of our nation. I especially on these points: “…the thing is he posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit. We … Continue reading

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How Many Sharks Can the #GOP Jump Before the Party’s Over?

Josh Gerstein’s piece, “5 questions about John Boehner’s lawsuit against Barack Obama,” in Politico is a frank and candid examination of the pros and cons, both short- and long-term, to both sides in the GOP House lawsuit against the president. At … Continue reading

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Whistleblowers and Politics; When is a Hero a Traitor and Vice Versa?

What makes one whistleblower a hero and another a traitor? Let’s start by asking Obama’s detractors, especially those who ceaselessly characterize the size and overreach of “big government” as a threat to our democracy. How do you see Snowden? Is he … Continue reading

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Now We’re Angry About Spying?

None of the revelations so far surrounding PRISM strike me as all that newsworthy. Our country’s leaders have had a long love affair with spying. The real question is why the sudden outrage and worry about the government abusing this power? Even … Continue reading

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Myths about Obamacare

See on – DidYouCheckFirst Aaron Carroll says its opposition isn’t as united as some claim; it isn’t a radical reform; its premiums could be lower than predicted and it could well succeed in states that embrace it. See on … Continue reading

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Obama Keeps Distance From Torture Debate, At Least For Now : NPR

See on – DidYouCheckFirst President Obama banned enhanced interrogation techniques, but he’s largely avoided discussing whether the tactic ever produced valuable information. Greg Russak‘s insight: Nothing can ever justify torture. Nothing. It is amoral, antithetical to all religious beliefs, … Continue reading

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Obama, Drones, and the 11th Commandment

Double standards are anathema to most Americans. This ought to be especially true when it comes to civil liberties, executive powers, and justice. So where is the outrage from the Left and Democrats about drones and the executive powers born … Continue reading

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Style Over Substance If I may offer my own opinion (and even if I may not), I would begin by saying that our society is rooted in a culture that values style over substance. (There’s a bold statement, eh?!?!) We only have … Continue reading

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Obama Not the 1st President to Miss Memorial Day at Arlington

Radio and TV talker Glenn Beck (on May 25) said, “Obama is skipping out on a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery because he’ll be in Chicago on vacation.” On his show, Beck incorrectly asserted that the president “has decided … Continue reading

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One Person’s Perspective on the Federal Debt as a % of GDP

What’s been the history of the Federal debt, what’s been happening over time, and who’s been in power when it happened? Initial searches weren’t very efficient and it was hard to find a reasonable summary. Here’s one of them: … Continue reading

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