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Have We Not Learned That Bigger Is Not Better When It Comes to Banking?

How can this be a good thing? The very people who legally crashed our economy – and those who did it illegally and still haven’t gone to jail – and have kept their bonuses are now even bigger than before. … Continue reading

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When Will Poor, Working, and Middle Class Learn That the #GOP is Not Their Party?

The Great Depression was the direct result of the Gilded Age, a time when banks, corporations, and the men (were there any women or people of color in power then?) of wealth of power had government by the balls, treated … Continue reading

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300 Billion Reasons to Support #MayDayPAC

A very straight-forward “map” that leads to a crystal clear understanding of 300 billion reasons why your support for getting big money out of politics is so important. Look, it’s going to be this simple. Future generations will either thank … Continue reading

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Greg Russak’s pledge page

See on – DidYouCheckFirst Our democracy needs an upgrade. Greg Russak‘s insight: We’re raising $5 million more by July 4 to win a Congress committed to ending corruption in 2016. Please join us with whatever size contribution you can afford. … Continue reading

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Women demand Target prohibit the open carry of guns in stores at shareholder meeting

See on – DidYouCheckFirst TOP PICKS Greg Russak‘s insight: Target gets no more of my money until they come out against open carry. It’s that simple.   Am I the only one who thinks open carry is actually a … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Declares War on Mitch McConnell After He Blocked Her Student Loan Bill

See on – DidYouCheckFirst On MSNBC tonight, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) virtually declared war on Mitch McConnell after he blocked her student loan bill. Warren told viewers to donate money to Alison Lundergan Grimes, and announced that she will … Continue reading

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The Young Turks – Live Show 6pm-8pm EST 6.11.14 – YouTube

See on – DidYouCheckFirst Great discussion now about Cantor loss. 6-8pm EST Greg Russak‘s insight: I missed this live stream, but knowing TYT I’m sure it offered insights and perspectives you won’t get from corporate media See on

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Full Show: How Tax Reform Can Save the Middle Class | Moyers & Company |

See on – DidYouCheckFirst In part two of his interview, economist Joseph E. Stiglitz says corporate tax abuse has helped make America unequal and undemocratic. But the Nobel Prize-winner has a plan to change that. Watch part one of … Continue reading

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Moms Demand Action | Tweet #OffTarget

See on – DidYouCheckFirst Show your support for Gun Sense and tell target to prohibit open carry in its stores. Greg Russak‘s insight: Target’s executives are gathering on Wednesday for the company’s annual shareholder meeting where corporate policies are … Continue reading

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NH Rebellion

See on – DidYouCheckFirst Register to walk July 5, in Seacoast, NH. Sign the petition to fix the system of corruption in Washington, D.C Greg Russak‘s insight: The New Hampshire Rebellion will make systemic corruption the central issue of the … Continue reading

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