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Visit the AFL-CIO for the latest updates, including news, videos and information on how you take action and get involved in your community. Source: TELL CONGRESS TO STOP FAST TRACK Any trade deal is going to have a huge … Continue reading

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The Dirty Little Secret of #Libertarianism: They’re Really #Corporatists.

First, the obvious. Not all libertarians are alike. The same, of course, is true for conservatives and liberals. That said, I’ve had my fill of libertarians acting like they are the only ones who believe in a free society. That’s total … Continue reading

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Progressives and Tea Party join forces, beat big money in Florida

In Tallahassee, progressives and conservatives put aside their differences to wage an historic battle to end corruption in their community. Source: "On Nov. 4th, 2014, voters in Tallahassee, Florida made history by approving the first city Anti-Corruption Act in the … Continue reading

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Social Media for #StopFastTrack Week of Action – Citizens Trade Campaign

Sample tweets and memes for the #StopFastTrack Week of Action (Nov. 8 – 14, 2014) Source: Tweets and memes a-plenty See on – DidYouCheckFirst

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Support the Teamsters – Oppose Fast Track

Source: Fast Track Is the Wrong Track for Teamsters – Sign the Petition Today Fast Track undermines the authority that we have entrusted to Congress to make sure that trade agreements with other nations are fair and in the … Continue reading

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Despite Outcry of Opposition, Obama Pushes “Horrific” Trade Deal in Asia

Despite consistent and vocal opposition from organized labor, environmentalists, progressive economy experts and others warning against the damaging impacts of a trans-Pacific trade agreement that remains under negotiations by the U.S. and twelve other nations, President Obama on Monday once … Continue reading

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Time To Say Goodbye To Judicial Overreach

() The Supreme Court has turned America from a republic into a constitutional monarchy. Last week, the Supreme Court announced that it would hear yet another conservative-fueled challenge to Obamacare. Source: Conservatives are the ones always over-reaching, and that’s … Continue reading

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In Response to ‘Unprecedented’ Public Outcry, Obama Goes Big on Net Neutrality

Source: Well, well, well. Look at who opposes Net Neutrality. File this under, "Sad, and no surprise."   It’s just more libertarian, right-wing, conservative failure to understand the issues BUT to obediently do as they’re told and ignore the … Continue reading

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U.S. House results — 2014 Election Center — Elections and Politics from

See the latest 2014 elections results from House races around the country. Source: The GOP won back the Senate and gained seats in the House and in state capitals the only way they still can win any election: when … Continue reading

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A State-by-State Map Reveals There Is Shockingly Little Voter Fraud in the United States

Since the 2010 elections, many Republican state legislatures (as well as Rhode Island’s Democratic-controlled body) have moved to pass stronger voter ID laws. Though the supposed goal of this legislation is to stop voter fraud, the data on how much … Continue reading

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