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Vermont Becomes The First State To Pass Wolf PAC Resolution

FANTASTIC NEWS!!! THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO VERMONT’S LEGISLATORS!!! WE CAN DO THIS!! WE CAN #GETMONEYOUT OF POLITICS!! (from TYT’s post) Published on May 2, 2014 “Today Vermont became the first state to call for a convention to amend the U.S. … Continue reading

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NH House Poised to Vote on HCR 10

There’s not much time. The vote on HCR 10 is tomorrow, March 13. Here are 2 things related to it that will help to quickly explain what’s happening and what you can do about it: 1. Wolf PAC email re: … Continue reading

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Unhappy Anniversary, Citizens United

Today is the 4th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s infamous “Citizens United” decision. Why should you care? Watch the 2 1/2 minute video at… …http://unitedrepublic.actionkit.com/event/cosponsor/9815/ to get a sense of what money in politics is doing to us and to … Continue reading

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Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream | Documentary about Income Inequality | Independent Lens | PBS

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Filmmaker Alex Gibney depicts an uneasy coexistence of wealth and poverty along one New York City thoroughfare. Greg Russak‘s insight: The greatest problem we face in American society? The corrupting influence of far too much … Continue reading

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I Didn’t F*ck It Up. You Didn’t F*ck It Up.

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdn3O6aaMNc But it’s f*cked up! Now you can help to unf*ck it up by supporting the American Anti-Corruption Act! If you see this before Wednesday, July 15th, at noon,… See on didyoucheckfirst.wordpress.com

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How Big Money Created the Most Polarized Congress in a Century: 5 Charts

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst The incredible growth of PACs, the death of vote splitting, and the demise of America’s cushiest retirement home Greg Russak‘s insight: An article with charts worth keeping at the ready, especially when the discussion turns … Continue reading

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Represent.Us: The Campaign to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Get money out of politics at Represent.Us, the campaign to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act – a bold new law that puts an end to business as usual in Washington. Greg Russak‘s insight: The system … Continue reading

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Montana Republicans Launch Campaign to Ban Dark Money

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Big Sky GOPers join New York and California in pushing to pass new political money reforms. See on http://www.motherjones.com

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It’s Time to Insist on our Right to Know: Dark Money in Politics

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Richard French, the host of Richard French Live, speaks with Liz Kennedy, Counsel at Demos, about dark money’s impact on the political process. See on http://www.youtube.com

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Can two senators end ‘too big to fail’?

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Brown and Vitter may have created a blueprint for moving policy forward in a divided Congress. Greg Russak‘s insight: “The idea that two senators from opposite sides of the ideological spectrum can find common ground … Continue reading

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