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Senate Republicans are just wasting time.

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Last night, Republicans in the U.S. Senate stayed up all night to delay a vote on a federal appeals court judge. Greg Russak‘s insight: Precisely…. “Just to put this in perspective, the Senate Republicans did … Continue reading

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5 reasons why the American people can’t stand the Republican party

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst “The Republican party often has people scratching their heads and it’s not just “liberals” who are doing it. With The Republican party splitting into multiple factions, the once proud political party has been thrown into … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan is not coming back, Republicans. Accept it.

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst The Republican Party is still waiting for their beloved head coach, Ronald Reagan, to come out of the locker room and lead them to another victory. Greg Russak‘s insight: Ahem…..   "Like any politician, Reagan … Continue reading

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Bills Blocked by Republican Filibusters | Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Is there a fact-based explanation as to how opposing any of these directly benefited Americans? Greg Russak‘s insight: Is there a fact-based explanation as to how opposing any of these directly benefited Americans? See on … Continue reading

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GOP is literally killing its base

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Slashing food stamps will decrease the life expectancy of poor rural whites, many of whom put Republicans in office Greg Russak‘s insight: "The late journalist Joe Bageant (a self-described “redneck leftist” and author of the … Continue reading

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A Plea to Ordinary Republicans

Here’s a peek into how our elected officials were working for us last week…….or not. We all know now how Toomey and the rest of the Senate voted. The Republican junior senator from Pennsylvania voted to send our government into … Continue reading

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Republican Voters: You’re Shutting Down Yourselves and Your Neighbors

Whether shutting it down temporarily or shrinking the government permanently, the facts are that doing so tends to hurt the people in Republican states more than other states and to greater degrees than Republican voters seem to realize or are … Continue reading

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Capitol Hill’s Brain Drain?

“This caused fears that staff would suddenly face sharply higher healthcare costs and leave federal service, causing a “brain drain” on Capitol Hill.”   “UPDATE 1-U.S. Congress wins relief on Obamacare health plan subsidies” by David Lawder <Insert snarky joke here.> … Continue reading

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The appalling GOP

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst House Republicans are in need of common sense. Greg Russak‘s insight: "…the legislation they choose to pass is a statement of their own <House Repulican> values. It is simply designed to proclaim, “This is where … Continue reading

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BREAKING: NC GOP Turns Motorcycle Safety Bill Into Abortion Bill With No Public Notice

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst WASHINGTON — North Carolina House Republicans are pushing legislation that would restrict abortion access, attaching the measure to an unrelated motorcycle safety bill on Wednesday and giving neither the public nor Democratic legislators any advance … Continue reading

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