Only #Sanders has any credibility on controlling Wall Street and reforming campaign financing

There is only one candidate for president with any credibility when it comes to reining in Wall Street and doing something to end the corrupting influence that Big and Dark Money have over our elected officials.

Compare Bernie

As terrible as right-wing and ultra-conservative ideology is for everyone (including the ‘true believers’ who live with the rest of us 99-percenters), the problem of corruption that comes from unlimited and unregulated money that floods our democracy is one that can actually be solved now if we elect the right people.

Model legislation exists. See the American Anti-Corruption Act.


What can we do?

  • First, get registered if you aren’t and vote in the primaries for Sanders.
  • Second, vote for him in the General.
  • Third and perhaps most importantly, vote Republicans out of every other office on the ballot.

Every. Single. One.

No, Democrats aren’t pure and innocent on the issue of money. Hillary is the largest recipient in pretty much every way, but understand this.

This isn’t about her, and money is absolutely corrupting Republicans in ways that result in far worse outcomes for everyone, economically and socially.

According to, Republican presidential candidates get….

  • 62.6% of all Commercial Bank contributions
  • 70.4% of all Hedge Fund & Private Equity contributions
  • 74.7% of Insurance
  • 88.1% of Oil & Gas
  • 58.6% of Pharma
  • 65.2% of Securities & Investment

….and the list goes on.

Who is the most responsible for our economic woes? See above.

The real icing on the cake is how we got to this sorry state. The single biggest reason is given to us courtesy of the Supreme Court.

The only Supreme Court Justices who ruled for Big Money in the Citizens United and McCutcheon cases were those appointed by a Republican president.

Sanders is the only one talking about overturning these decisions as a condition for any appointments he’d make.

How much more convincing will it take to reach our fellow 99-percenters who prefer Hillary or who think that they’re Republicans?

95 percent

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Republican voters: You have more in common with #Sanders than you probably want to admit

Are you in an income category that will see a tax increase under Sanders’ proposals?

How many people do you know personally who would have their taxes raised?

Sanders Income Tax Plan

The question of which income group can and should be paying more, both in real dollars and percentage of their incomes, for all of society’s benefits is the wealthy.

Why them? Because the wealthy in America are actually the greatest socialists to ever live, and no amount of failed Republican rhetoric about trickle-down economics or the amoral lies of libertarian Objectivism will change this reality.

Only voting for people like Sanders will.

Corporatism is Capitalist Socialism

Think about it.

Everything that happens in the present-day and so-called capitalist system we live in is designed to not just “trickle up” but to flood the wealthy with greater and greater advantage and wealth.

Besides Wall Street’s insane ability to privatize all their gains while socializing their losses; besides polluters who can freely pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere without bearing any of the expense for what the pollution does; besides the hundreds of billions that are spent annually from federal coffers on subsidies and contracts to some of the biggest and richest corporations ever seen on the planet; the everyday occurrences that also make them socialists include all of the benefits they get from a system that is set up to actually make their wealth even possible.

  • Publicly funded infrastructure
  • Local services like police, fire, emergency medical services, snow removal, garbage collection, public libraries, etc., etc.
  • Public schools and universities
  • Social service programs that their workers – sadly, more and more of our fellow citizens – need just to survive, forget about growing and thriving

How does this happen?

Because too many Americans have been duped into believing they are Republicans and insist on voting against themselves and the rest of us by voting mostly for corporatist Republicans who pass ALEC-written laws that benefit the already rich and powerful.

You’re Not a Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaire, You’re a Socialist

The rich and powerful have had it too good for too long and at our expense.

It’s about time we all wised up and started electing people like Sanders who will tilt the field back in our favor.

Not to a level field. Tilted to our favor.

The “level playing field” where one’s lot in life is supposedly determined solely by their desire and tenacity and hard work is a ridiculous and juvenile Objectivist myth perpetrated by libertarians who love to believe that Americans are not socialists by nature but actually just “temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

I call out libertarianism in particular because, generally speaking, it is an especially abhorrent and selfish form of corporatism which happens to form the foundation of modern-day Republican social and economic policy.

True believers will try to deny their history. History won’t let them, and neither will I.

History shows without question that what rich and powerful men – and with still rare exceptions in the 21st century, it’s white men of privilege – left unchecked will operate with wanton disregard for anything resembling what it means to be a human being living in a modern and civil society. They are sociopaths, and why some people outside of their gated communities and exclusive country clubs would decide to worship them for their cutthroat Objectivism and for their hoarding of wealth and power is one of today’s great social and political mysteries.

Far Past the Time to Raise Taxes on the Rich

The rich and powerful exist only as a result of our labor. If the economy was limited to only the transactions and consumption of the richest 1%, how long could it actually last?

Spend the next few minutes listening to venture capitalist, Nick Hanauer, if you don’t believe me, or Sanders, or Robert Reich, or anyone who understands even the simplest concepts of how our economy works.

The rich and powerful rule over us untouched only because too many of you in the 99-percent insist on voting for Republicans which is, at the very least, a vote against your own economic self-interests and the economic interests of all of the rest of us.

That’s why I’m supporting Bernie Sanders.

For the first time in my 50+ years, I feel like there’s someone I can vote for who is willing to talk about raising taxes on the rich and who is willing to say to all of us that,

The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time.”

So, I get it. It’s easy to understand why you’d be a libertarian or a Republican and against Sanders if you make (or inherited!) a lot of money.

What’s impossible to understand is why you’d consider yourself to be a libertarian or a Republican if you don’t have a lot of money.

Trapped by the Kochtopus

It’s important to be aware of and to avoid being trapped in the tentacles of the Kochtopus and their libertarian empire.

If you’ve never heard of the Kochtopus, then please spend some time making a close examination of the tentacles of Kochtopus so you’ll understand just how far-reaching a single wealthy family like the Kochs are influencing everything around you; from the media, to think tanks, to academia, to legislators and judges, and more. If anyone can find a similar beast that exists on the left, I’d like to see it. (Cue the George Soros haters.)

Wake Up Call

Look. It’s time for everyone making $250K or less to wake up and to stop pretending you’re a temporarily embarrassed millionaire, or a Republican, or even a libertarian.

You’re not, and you likely never will be.

If you make less than the $400K+, which is what it takes to be a One-percenter, and you still call yourself a libertarian or a Republican, then you’ve been duped.

You may not realize, but what you actually are is a corporatist. You’re on the wrong side. You’re supporting people like the Koch brothers, the Waltons, and Wall Streeters who wouldn’t cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire. (Crass, I know, but I think it makes the point, don’t you?)

What you are is one of us.

You’re a 99-percenter.

And, you are far more likely to benefit from a tax increase on the wealthy to fund policies and programs that tilt the field in favor of middle class and poor Americans than you are to find yourself among the whiny One-Percenter “socialists” who will just have to find a way to go on living with one less house in the Hamptons and one less yacht to water ski behind.

Come on. Just be real. Five minutes at Sanders’ campaign site will convince you that you have way more in common with the vision and policies of Bernie Sanders than any other candidate. (To my fellow progressives, liberals, and Democrats, that includes Hillary, too, btw.)

We are all democratic socialists. We all should be supporting Sanders. We should be caucusing for him and voting for him in the primaries. He’s the only one who seems to care about all of us outside the One-Percenters, and that’s ok. The One-Percenters will be fine no matter what. It’s all of the rest of us that we should be thinking about now.

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Nader takes aim at Clinton, Sanders, Democrats in general, and apathetic voters overall

NaderRobert Scheer talks with Ralph Nader in this episode of Scheer Intelligence.

Ralph peels the onion like only he can. He blasts Hillary – and Bernie – for not being actual progressives and for actually being mostly just the Democratic version of political corporatists.

Hillary’s associations with Wall Street and her hawkish foreign policy is called to our attention.

Bernie is criticized for being too willing to too easily endorse the party nominee – assuming it will be Hillary – without demanding his agenda become hers and how that risks an all too frequent result for Democrats – the disenfranchisement his supporters.

Scheer makes his usual erudite observations. He and Nader draw our attention to how history reminds us of how we as ACTIVE citizens in the 60s and 70s could “scare” our politicians, even Nixon, into paying attention to us and our demands.

Equal rights. Voting rights. Environmental protection. Occupational and safety standards. Consumer product safety.

He points out, and I agree, that we’ve become complacent and mostly ourselves to blame.

Nader also blames Americans – and doesn’t spare Democratic voters – for being too willing to settle for what they think are the lesser of evils. When it comes to Democrats, Ralph thinks they win elections when they do win because they are “less terrible than Republicans” in the duopoly that is our current electoral process which also keeps third and fourth parties from being viable.

Ralph’s solution?

Step one: Get rid of the Electoral College.

Step two: Reform campaign finance laws to take Big Money out of the process.

Step Three: Start locally like the Tea Party did. Too many local elections are for candidates who run unopposed.

Ralph also says not to get discouraged. The tiniest number of us can make a big difference.

Even we Sanders supporters must not be too eager to wear rose-colored glasses about our guy. That said, I’ll gladly vote for any Democrat, even Hillary, over any Republican in any election anywhere.
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Even O’Reilly knows Trump is wrong. When will we hear it from regular Republicans?

I’m saddened that it has come to this, but it must be said. No one puts our rights and liberties at greater risk than #Trump and his supporters. He’s a fascist.

Trump and BO.PNGEven Bill O’Reilly told Donald that he’s wrong about Muslims, and no other candidate has incited crowds to violence. Listen to this Best of the Left podcast,#982 Beware the creeping fascism (Donald Trump and the GOP base), if you don’t believe it happened.

I’m pleading with the Republicans reading this who are Trump supporters on any level. Please, come to your senses. You must understand that it’s a very short and slippery slope from vilifying and persecuting one group of people to the next group that could very well include you. If nothing else, Trump’s stated attitudes toward Muslims and immigrants and minorities is antithetical to everything this great country is supposed to be about.

To all the other Republicans reading this who aren’t Trump supporters, I say this. We need to see and hear you condemn Trump everyday and at every turn. Your voices need to be the strongest ones in your party. If Bill O’Reilly can openly criticize The Donald, so can you.
You must speak up. You might think and believe you don’t need to voice your opinion, but you do so at the peril of your party and this country. You may also think that your silence is being unfairly misconstrued as support and acceptance of Trump and his twisted ideology, but if we don’t hear otherwise from you, what else are we to conclude?

I’m in no way suggesting that anyone’s speech be infringed upon or censored. What I am saying is Trump should be performing to empty halls instead of leading in the polls.

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.@SenSanders will win so long as #BabyBoomers are outnumbered when it counts

Until 2015, I had spent the last 36 years registered as Non-Partisan.

Sanders inspired me to change that so that I could vote for him in the closed primaries in PA.

What will make the difference for him in the primaries and in the general election is what made the difference for Obama.

It’s not aging, white Baby Boomers like me.

It will be young voters.
It will be minority voters.
It will be the poor and working class voters.
It will be voters who reject the fear, hatred, bigotry, and absurdity of the GOP.

These are the people who need to hear his message. They need to hear and understand that he is the best candidate in this race for EVERY American, even those voters outside the One Percent who have been duped into believing that they are Republicans.


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