Geography shouldn’t get a vote

This Tweet struck a nerve with me and got me thinking.

I see it as evidence for why we’d be a better country and a better democracy if we were to do two things.

Amend the Constitution to;
1. dissolve the Electoral College and,
2. reform or, yes, dissolve the Senate.

Isn’t it time to stop pretending that a system set up 244 years ago by and for rich, white, mostly slave-owning, and land-owning men is above fundamental reform?

Do you still go to a doctor who practices medicine based on knowledge that’s 244 years old?

Do you still travel using 244-year old technology?

Do you still believe in laws that legalize slavery, exclude women from being able to vote, and a whole host of other things that were norms 244 years ago and that are no longer acceptable?

Here’s the case as I see it for the above recommendations.

Wyoming, the least populated and 10th largest geographic state, has fewer than 580,000 people. Alaska is almost 7 times the size and has just under 732,000 citizens.

To put this into perspective, Grand Central Station averaged 750,000 visitors a day pre-COVID.

California has nearly 70 times the population of Wyoming.

The only way it makes sense for Wyoming and California to be equally represented in the Senate is if you put more value on land than you do human beings.

The Electoral College makes this even worse.

Wyoming gets 3 EC votes. One for their House Rep + 2 for their Senators.
California has 55 EC votes.

70 times the population, and only 23 times the influence over who becomes president and vice president.

How does this make sense?

I understand the concept of the tyranny of the majority, and that in some respect our current system is meant to counterbalance that. Ok, if that’s the argument, I get it. I still see, however, the EC and the Senate as a tyranny of a minority. That minority is the rich and mostly white male power establishment.

There has to be a better way than what we have now.

Arbitrary chunks of geography stolen from First Nation peoples that wield disproportionate power over actual human beings is bad for everyone except those in power.

If you’re not a rich white man and you’re still rooting for this 244-year old system of governance, I just think you’re rooting against yourself and everyone else who isn’t that tyrannical minority.

CNN just called the 2020 Election for Joe Biden.

We would have had a different president in 2000 and in 2016 if the presidential election was a popular vote. We would have known who won this election days ago except for the Electoral College.

Every election is supposed to be the will of the people. Why is that not the case for the American Executive Branch?

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