Have Trump supporters finally become a cult?

“The faithful will set the leader up on a pedestal and declare him to be wonderful, and the leader (who needs and likes the adulation) will encourage their hero-worship.”


I’ve been seeing and hearing the word ‘cult’ a lot today. I decided to do some reading.

I’m hoping, as I have been for over 2 years, that Trump supporters who see this will explain why they support him, and maybe tell us why their support and admiration for him is not a cult of personality.

What’s a cult?

Here’s how the National Catholic Register describes it:

1. the first sign of a cult: everything is too wonderful and everyone is ready to tell you how wonderful it all is.

2. the leader may simply have an inside circle of friends and confidantes who nobody really knows

3. complete loyalty is demanded of the followers. Dissent and criticism are not permitted.

4. A fourth characteristic of a group that has become a cult or is behaving in a cult-like manner is that there will be a persecution complex.


I’m an atheist, so I don’t agree with everything prescribed in this article as antidote, but I do agree with their definition of a cult.

And, yes, I think it’s just about impossible to see anyone who still supports Trump as anything but behaving like a member of a cult. It truly does seem at this point to be cult-like worship of Trump.

So, again and as I’ve been doing for years, I’m asking the Trump supporters who see this to share their views.

And given this article, I’d especially like to hear from the Catholics who support him.


MSNBC and FOX News are donuts and fries

To my fellow liberals, lefties, and progressives, we all know what total jokes InfoWars, The Blaze, RedState, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and Fox are.

That is no less true about Occupy Democrats, Forward Progressives, and to only a marginally lesser degree for Alternet, Daily Kos, and HuffPo.

Stop posting their bullshit, and join me in subscribing to – yes, spending actual money on – fact-based reporting from The Washington Post, Politico, PBS, and NPR; otherwise, you’re just contributing to the problem by spreading at the least “selective or incomplete” stories guilty of “unfair persuasion” and at the worst, outright propaganda.

Set the example for everyone, but especially for conservatives.

Become committed to being more “Info Fit.”

“We’ve come to the collective realization as a society that the consequence of unhealthy food consumption is an obesity epidemic. I submit that the consequence of unhealthy information consumption is an extreme polarization epidemic. We are polarized because so many of us are consuming such high quantities of low-quality, highly-biased information.”

“Most of MSNBC and FOX News are donuts and fries. They are ok in small quantities every once in a while, but for the love of God don’t sit and consume those all day.”

Source: Junk Food and Junk News: The Case for “Information Fitness”


Readers are also encouraged to review OpenSources.co

“OpenSources is a curated resource for assessing online information sources, available for public use. Websites in this resource range from credible news sources to misleading and outright fake websites. Headed by Melissa Zimdars of Merrimack College, our research team is dedicated to preserving the integrity and enhancing the transparency of information on the internet.”

Here’s how OpenSources rates some of the above….

theblaze.com:  political clickbait

breitbart.com:  political unreliable bias

dailycaller.com:  political clickbait bias a weird mix of info. they link to extremely biased sites (as sources) and more reliable/balanced sources

occupydemocrats.com:  clickbait bias unreliable

dailykos.com:  political clickbait

We’ve been here before

If you need a reminder about what happened then: “Protesters in California block busloads of immigrant children and families”; Washington Post, July 2, 2014

People have a way of showing their true colors. American conservatives for the most part have been doing that my whole life.

Want to change the world?

Then start by making sure your vote cancels out an opposing Republican vote and that your vote isn’t wasted…… no…….. worse than wasted……. that it doesn’t help to ensure more Republican rule at any level of government.

Because, like it or not, that’s the world we live in now, and this is how it works for now.

We’ll never get to the social, political, and economic changes we on the left want so long as Republicans are in charge. There’s only way to change that, and there’s only one Party today capable of bringing about that change.

So, let’s unify behind one strategy and the one and only Party as of now who can help us to win the war against conservative ideology by first winning the battles we actually can win like the Congressional midterms.

There are two and only two choices in November. Two.

Peaceful protesting and voting is how we’ll change the travesty that is Trump and the GOP. The question is can and will the left put aside their differences to bring about that change?

Trump supporters are a minority of the voting populace. Remember, he lost the popular vote by over 3 million.

His and the GOP’s defeat begins in November and rests solely with the rest of us uniting to replace Republicans everywhere and at every level of government.

We all have to register to vote, and we all have to show up for every election; from township boards to school boards to borough mayors, and from city and county councils to state and federal elections every time and for every office.

Hold your nose if you must, but stop being childish about the choices on offer and the reality that is the present day two-party system.

If you don’t show up to vote and if you don’t vote for Democrats, you are helping to ensure that we’ll continue to have Republican rule that is, at this point in our history more than ever, about authoritarianism.

It won’t get better – and it will only get worse – if we don’t unite to change it.

I’ll be pressing one button and one button only this November.

What will you be doing?

Dear Haters, how about some answers?

This little gem was posted recently in a Facebook Group I’m in.
Dear Democrats
I asked a series of questions that have yet to be answered. Perhaps someone reading this who shares the sentiments of this meme can offer their responses.

Here goes….

I have to ask, who will satisfy this demand of yours?

Name names, please. Name at least three, and if you’re really committed to this idea, please tell us why you think any of them will win in the Party primary and then in the general. Because that’s what Hillary did, the caveat being, of course, that she lost the EC but won the popular vote.

I’m very confused and concerned whenever I see this kind of demand from fellow lefties, so I ask are you actually demanding that the Party whose last candidate handily won their primary and who got more popular votes than Trump is supposed to now surrender everything over to the demands of people who may not even belong to the Party and who seemingly are ok with a scorched earth if they don’t get their way?

Are you saying you just don’t care what Trump and the Republicans are already doing to this country and to the world, and that you’ll be happy to see it continue so long as you can feel all self-righteous about thrusting your metaphorical thumb into the eye of Party leaders as some sort of supposed punishment?

Are you saying you don’t care what happens to social safety net programs, the environment, the economy, and all the other things that Trump is already damaging, and you’ll go so far as to not voting for a Democrat you deem not to be sufficiently pure?

Is that what this is about?

Has Trump taught you nothing?

And to all my fellow progressives and liberals, I say this: Either Trump is our fault and we must own him, or he’s not.

Stop trying to have it both ways.