Weld and Johnson deserve each other, and libertarians deserve them both

Bill Weld tries to defend his ticket-topper and their candidacy in this interview on  The Takeaway.

He didn’t do either any favors.


The takeaways for me are….


1) The tired, old lie that Democrats will “spend and borrow us into the poorhouse and hollow out the economy” when the facts are that Democrats have been cleaning up economic messes made by people like him – Republicans – since at least the original Gilded Age.


2) Debt. Another chicken-little exaggeration rooted in the childish notion that debt is bad, the government should stay out of the economy, and that the government should balance their checkbook the way people do. (Defenders of him and this idea should be forewarned not to expose their utter lack of understanding of economic and fiscal policies. In other words, save your libertarian tropes. I will not be kind to you.)

Anyway, he thinks the national debt could go to $50trillion under 2 terms of a Clinton presidency. He doesn’t even hint at how or why that would happen, but I’m sure he knows it’s another tried-and-true GOP misdirection that conservatives, libertarians, and people who think they’re Republicans lap up like a thirsty dog.

What he also conveniently fails to say is that presidents may propose budgets, but under Article I, Sections 7 & 8, the power to tax and spend rests with Congress. Gee. Which party has controlled the House ever since 1995 except for the 110th and 111th post-W-cluster-fuck and before the GOP gerrymandered state districts?


3) TPP. That’s right, boys and girls. The TPP. He says, like all good libertarians everywhere, that he favors “free trade.” Johnson is on record as saying he’d sign the TPP.

This is more evidence that the biggest corporatists on the political stage have always been and still are libertarians.


4) Aleppo. What would a conversation about this ticket be without a conversation about Aleppo?

Weld attempted to defend Johnson by saying “pop quizzes are not his (Johnson’s) long suit.” That’s so cavalier and so disconnected from the gravity of this atrocity that it stunned John Hockenberry into near complete silence.

Weld seemed to realize what a gaff of his own he made, and stammered toward an admission that, yes, “it’s been the news,” before babbling about his own experiences in foreign affairs, how Johnson has spent most of his time in Western states, and how Gary’s summiting of the world’s tallest peaks is evidence of Johnson’s international bona fides.

Listen for yourself to the whole interview for yourself. I assure you that I’m not creative enough to make this kind of shit up.

Only a libertarian could come up with bullshit like this, and only another libertarian would agree with it.

As I’ve said before. Libertarians sound good for the first 5 seconds. Johnson and Weld prove once again that that’s where it ends.


Add’l Reading

2016 presidential candidates on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, Ballotpedia.

The Constitution of the United States

Debt Vs. Deficit: Understanding the Differences, Investopedia



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More proof the parties are not the same, and that the #GOP is the enemy of every American

Want to understand what and how our electoral process is REALLY rigged, where it’s rigged, and who is REALLY responsible for it?

Spend 6 minutes of your day listening to this…..


….then 4 more minutes listening to this….


…then tell me again and again and again how both parties are the same.

That’s complete and total bullshit. This is just one of millions of pieces of evidence.

Feel free to use this the next time someone – likely a Hillary hater as anyone at this point – makes that claim.

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The relative truthfulness of politicians

A Facebook post today comparing the truthfulness of Trump and Clinton by PolitiFact inspired me to broaden the comparison.

Here it is in graphical form. All the data was pulled today, September 20, 2016 from each respective candidate’s page. (Please note that Jill Stein is absent because there is no page for her at PolitiFact’s site)

Figure 1. Truthfulness of Statements by Candidate as a Percentage of All Rated Statements



Figure 2. Combining all the True versus all the False



Different people will very likely see this data and come to different conclusions.

Here are mine.

  1. Trump is truly a pathological liar.
    (There’s a layup if ever there was one.)
  2. Clinton and Sanders are essentially equally truthful.
    (Before you Clinton detractors point out Hillary’s two Pants on Fire, you may want to take note that 23% of her statements were rated as True while only 13% of Bernie’s were. He beat her handily in Mostly True, but she beat him in Half True. Finally, Bernie was Mostly False 17% of the time while Clinton was only 15% of the time. We can split these hairs all day. The net result is that they are essentially the same when we separate and aggregate the True and False ratings, respectively.)
  3. Johnson takes more liberties with the truth than either Clinton or Sanders

So, maybe in the final-final analysis, we can all agree that politicians never tell us the truth all of the time. To what degree the facts show their relative truthfulness is, in my opinion, relevant and worth understanding.



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Bernie is right. Right now is not the time to be supporting a protest vote.

Bernie is right. Again.

“Right now is not the time to be supporting a protest vote.”
– Bernie Sanders

One-on-one with Bernie Sanders

One-on-one with Bernie Sanders

In my opinion, for anyone to accuse him of being a sell-out, or to now hold the view that they should no longer follow his advice, seems to me to be a possible marker for not really and truly understanding him, what he was and still is all about, what he’s still working for on our behalf, and the reality of how our political processes work.

I’m very much with Bernie on this issue of protest voting in this election cycle.

I agree with him on his support for Hillary.

It’s important to note that he’s not just saying that she’s the only alternative to Trump. It seems to me that he’s speaking pretty clearly and pretty directly in support of her and her positions on real issues.

Here’s what else he says. These excerpted comments come from an exchange which begins around the 5:50 mark if you don’t have time to watch all 9 minutes.

“Election days come and go….Change does not occur in a 2-week period or in a 6-month period. It is a constant struggle……..My goal is to get Secretary Clinton elected, but if you think I’m going to stop the day after, you’re wrong…..Then the goal is to mobilize the American people to make sure that Congress does the right thing….fulfills the platform that we wrote for the Democratic Party, which is the most progressive platform in the history of American politics.”

Is the Democratic Party as progressive as I would like? No. It never has been.

Is that platform and a Clinton presidency a real and meaningful step in the right direction? Yes, I think it is. It’s why, after 36 years as being registered Non-Partisan, I registered as a Democrat in this cycle. It was so that I could vote for Bernie in the closed PA primary.

Bernie was my first choice. He didn’t win. At this point, I think it’s a near-meaningless waste of energy and oxygen to continue to speculate, agonize, and complain over the reasons – real or imagined – for why he lost. It’s done. It can’t be changed. (And, please, spare me the orange jumpsuit predictions. After 35 or 40 years of relentless right-wing attacks, nothing has stuck. Maybe there’s a reason for that other than another layer of conspiracy.)

So, what I’m going to do in November is what Bernie is suggesting that we all do, and that is to vote for Clinton and to continue to advocate for progress toward a better world for everyone by supporting people down-ballot who share that vision.

Sanders has a vision I share. He’s also pragmatic about how and what it will take to realize that vision.

It will take longer than one election cycle.

As a Sanders supporter, if you cast a protest vote in November, you need to understand that Sanders sees it as I do. It’s a vote for Trump.

Your vote can make a statement, or it can make a difference.

It’s your choice.

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RT = Russia Today = Putin’s Pravda c. 2016

Thanks to Drumpf’s recent chat with his friend, Larry King, on RT, more people have probably now heard of this so-called alternative news source.

RT is not a legitimate news source. They are the mouthpiece of Putin to Americans.

Stop buying it.

A Trump interview may be crowning glory for RT, a network funded by the Russian government

Trump’s comments came during an interview with Larry King that was aired on RT America — part of a state-owned Russian media organization that critics accuse of propagandistic aims and poor journalistic standards.

“Reagan never gave interviews to Pravda while campaigning to be our president,” Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, wrote on Twitter, referring to the official newspaper of the Soviet Union. “Who advised Trump to appear on RT?”

Larry King Laughs Down The Idea That Trump Didn’t Know He Was On Russian TV

Larry King is rebutting Donald Trump’s attempts to distance himself from an interview that aired on Russian television after a Trump campaign spokeswoman claimed that Trump mistakenly believed he was being interviewed for King’s podcast without knowing King’s show would air Russia Today’s network.

In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Larry King stated, “if Donald said he thought it was a podcast, that stretches it a little because he just did my podcast.”

A Powerful Russian Weapon: The Spread of False Stories

The flow of misleading and inaccurate stories is so strong that both NATO and the European Union have established special offices to identify and refute disinformation, particularly claims emanating from Russia.

The Kremlin’s clandestine methods have surfaced in the United States, too, American officials say, identifying Russian intelligence as the likely source of leaked Democratic National Committee emails that embarrassed Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Kremlin uses both conventional media — Sputnik, a news agency, and RT, a television outlet — and covert channels, as in Sweden, that are almost always untraceable.

To my fellow liberals, if you’re still citing RT as a reputable and reliable alternative source of credible information, please stop. We’re always talking about following the money to understand what powers are influencing and controlling what we’re seeing, hearing, and reading.

Well, if you’re using RT as a source, you’re demonstrating that you’ve not done your homework well enough.

How about we stop giving conservatives a run for their money in the race to see who is most gullible?

Side Notes and Personal Pleas:

  • I find it inexplicable that Chris Hedges has decided to have a weekly show, OnContact, on RT. My confidence in him as a voice of reason is greatly shaken. I hope he puts more and more energy into his excellent work with TruthDig instead.
  • I’ve been a fan of Lee Camp since his early Moment of Clarity days. I think he needs to extricate himself from RT ASAP if he’s to retain any sense of integrity.
  • I’m totally disappointed by Thom Hartmann and his decision to have a daily show on RT. That feels like a complete sellout.

Whether or not any of these people are being “pressured” editorially, they – and we – should not so easily dismiss that they’ve chosen to throw their lot in with RT.

Maybe the defense is that this gives them a bigger and better way to get their message out.

For me, the ends never justify the means.

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