Stop accepting the things you think you cannot change.

The meme expresses my feelings exactly.
I’m starting with no longer accepting liberal cowardice.
For far too long too many liberals and self-proclaimed “progressives” and “trans-partisans” – yes, I’m looking at you, Join the Coffee Party Movement – are doing little more than wasting precious time and energy by pretending that every voice matters and that there’s more than one side to every issue. There isn’t, and the insistence that there is actually  looks like cowardice to me.
The Left in too many places demonstrates far too little commitment to recognizing and acknowledging right from wrong; good from bad, in terms of people, behaviors, beliefs, leaders and policies. By “engaging”, we execute perfectly on a strategy of surrender. By “engaging”, all we accomplish is NOTHING. We allow the more committed, better organized, more unified, and more forceful conservatives – and their shills – to control the conversation and the outcomes.
By always wanting to “engage in conversation” and “really listen to the other side” and “working to find compromise and middle ground”, we have surrendered, and in so doing we allow the center to move further and further to the right. That’s dangerous and wrong for everyone except the tiniest few, and it must stop. Now.
You say you want to speak truth to power? I say, “Start by empowering yourself, and start that by speaking truth to yourself.”
The truth is on full display everyday. All that’s required is the courage to look at it.
Conservatives, corporatists, and the rich are the ones who effed this country up. It wasn’t us liberals, or the poor, or the peaceniks, beatniks, or hippies; it wasn’t legal or illegal immigrants; it wasn’t minorities or Santorum’s “elitists” in the ever-shrinking middle class who struggle to find ways to send their kids to college.
It always has been, still is, and always will be conservatives and their so-called conservative “values” who wreak havoc on the rest of us.
And just like it always does, it falls once again and now to us liberals to clean up the conservatives’ mess.
I say let’s do it differently this time.
Let’s stop pretending we can “work” with them. That’s the formula that has failed us for the last 35 years. It’s they who must change.
Yes, this is about Us versus Them. To deny that is the cowardice that denies the reality of our situation and how we got into it. To deny that reality is the cowardice that only strengthens and emboldens conservatives and their duped minions to continue making society worse instead of better for more people.
We have long since passed the time for pretending we can work with conservatives. Instead, we need to start telling the right-wing that they are NOT welcome into the discussion because they ARE the problem.
This isn’t demagoguing. This is reality.
Prove it to yourself.
Ask yourself these questions. See if you aren’t feeling empowered as a liberal by the truth of the answers.
  • Who still wants to deny human rights to other human beings because they are LGBTQ?
  • Who wants to cling to the lie of in-person voter fraud just so they can make it harder for people they don’t like to be able to vote?
  • Who denies that everyone on Wall Street and in the financial services industry writ large doesn’t need regulators crawling up their asses every single minute of every single day?
  • Who wants to forcibly legislate their religious beliefs on the rest of us?
  • Who denies science and blocks policies that are rooted in and based upon science?
  • Who wants their racism and xenophobia to manifest itself in the form of walls, moats, electric fences, armed patrols, and drones on our borders?
  • Who screams at busloads of children?
  • Who seems perfectly content with the fact that we have become an imprisoned nation that applauds policing in poor and minority communities by para-military forces?
  • Who defends the abuse of police power?
  • Who thinks whisleblowers are the traitors and spies the patriots?
  • Who thinks the minimum wage is either fine as is and perhaps should be abolished altogether?
  • Who thinks that labor unions are still too strong in comparison to the people running corporations?
  • Who thinks health care is something only those with the means to pay for it should get, and who is warm and content in their unbridled selfishness when asked what alternatives they have to health care as a human right?
  • Who still votes for any politician anywhere who is still peddling the lies of trickle-down economics and smaller government?
  • Who believes that corporations are people and money is speech?
Look. There’s no excuse in modern America for anyone outside the One Percent to consider themselves to be a conservative or, for that matter, a Republican.
And, here’s why this is so important. Anyone outside of that tiny sliver of the obscenely wealthy and powerful who is still allowing themselves to be duped into voting against themselves is also VOTING AGAINST THE REST OF US.
We don’t have the luxury of time to try and convince them to end their madness and to stop voting for people who consider them to be just another expendable resource. Instead, we need to stop them by no longer pretending that they can be part of the solution. We need to stop wasting time trying to find compromise. We need to stop pretending like enough facts will someday turn the light bulb on over their heads.
We outnumber them. There are more Liberals than there are Conservatives. We’re just used to being conciliatory and willing to compromise. No more!
What we need to do is exercise our strength of numbers.
Liberals must become lions. We must roar louder, longer, stronger, and more ferociously than those Americans who call themselves conservatives and who think they’re Republicans.
We must stop giving them cover by constantly engaging them online, in our living rooms, and in the coffee shops and polling places.
We must show up in greater numbers. We must be loud. We must be forceful.
And most of all, we must vote. Liberals – and people who call themselves moderates only because they think “liberal” is an insult – outnumber the truly lost and dyed-in-the-wool duped conservatives.
It is Us versus Them.
It’s time we stopped pretending otherwise. It’s time to work together as Liberals so that we can fix the fuck ups that conservatives leave every time they end up in power.
It’s up to us to change the things we can no longer accept from conservatives. And, that’s everything that is stamped with the “conservative” label. Everything.
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#Fracking is literally killing babies in Utah, and local, state, and federal officials are helping to make that possible

fracking kills

What Paul Solotaroff’s expose in Rolling Stone, “What’s Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah?” reveals is disturbing on so many levels.

It’s what happens when Big Money instead of We The People control government.

It’s what happens when voters stay home.

What are we Americans willing to sacrifice in the name of jobs and money, and when does that sacrifice become too much sacrifice?

When does an economic and energy system become dangerous enough for us to rise up en masse against it in terms of how we live our lives and how and for whom we vote?

When are we going to stop believing the lies of Big Money interests in both the private and public sector?

Except for the rare leaders who have said no to frackers — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin — Big Gas has been on a 10-year joyride unlike any in American annals. There are now more than 1 million active oil and gas wells in the country, and our oil companies posted profits of $600 billion during the Bush years. President Obama, who promised to cap and trade emissions while building out America’s post-oil future, instead has presided over the breakneck expansion of fossil-fuel drilling. Under his watch, U.S. production has risen each year — up 35 percent for oil, 18 percent for gas — and enabled the country to barge past the Saudis as the world’s lead producer of oil and gas. (He also broke his word to end tax cuts for oilmen; those subsidies are up nearly 50 percent since he took office.)

Whatever Cheney’s doing now, he must look upon his handiwork and smile. OPEC has lost its whip hand over oil prices, SUVs are selling off the lot again, and Obama takes victory laps because we now produce more oil than we import. Glad tidings for all – except the people in more than 30 states who wake up to the thump of fracking rigs. To them, the message from Washington has been tacit but final: You folks are on your own out there.

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Wealthy corporatists have been playing poor whites for fools since the founding. They still are.

Tim Wise says the “white” race was created by the wealthy elite to trick poor, landless Europeans into siding with them.

The corporatists, then as now, were selling the lies of racism, the American Dream, and of trickle-down economics. Then as now, they want poor whites to believe that they’re on the same side as the elites. The elites, then as now, want us to believe that “the other” is who is coming for our jobs. They want us to believe that if we just work hard, play by the rules, and persevere, we, too, can be just as rich as they are someday.

Bullshit. Unless you’re already among the richest 1%, you have basically zero chance of becoming one. You have nothing in common with them economically, and you never will.

We – you and I – are the modern-day chattel slave. We allow the wealthy elite to become more and more powerful because we – not all of us, but far too many of us – elect corporatists.

The wealthy and powerful have always gotten their privileged status because the masses allowed them to do so. That’s just as true now as it was in the Antebellum South when the “corporatists” were rich plantation owners who duped poor whites into fighting a war to protect slavery and the wealth of those rich elites.

It’s time we ended the modern-day version of this and the corrupting influence the wealthy elites have over our democracy.

It’s time to Be The Wave.

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Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America

Social dysfunction can be traced to the abandonment of reason

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Truer words are rarely penned. Please read and share this Psychology Today article as far and as wide as possible.


My hope is that someday my fellow citizens who are empowering this craze of anti-intellectualism on the right will soon come to their senses.


Anti-intellectualism is possible only because it is accepted and embraced by some as somehow good and right. It is not, and it never has been.


Those who willfully allow themselves to be duped into supporting and voting for anti-intellectual and corporatist candidates need to be outnumbered in the town squares and coffee shops, in places of worship (yes, there, too), on social media and in all our news outlets, and most importantly on election day.


This means, of course, that you liberals and progressives reading this have a responsibility, too, for when you stay silent and you don’t vote, you also are culpable. 


I also look forward to the day when those Americans who embrace anti-intellectualism come to realize the truth that it wasn’t willful ignorance and anti-intellectualism that made this country great. It was our unstoppable energy to apply our individual and collective intellect in scientific and evidence-based ways toward progress. Progress. Anti-intellectualism is the antithesis of progress, and we cannot solve our current and future problems or expand our knowledge and understanding without progress. And, it’s only through progress that we can continue to move toward realizing more and more of the values any society needs to survive and thrive – equality, fairness, justice, and liberty for each and every human being.

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32 Of The Best Brand Tweets Celebrating Marriage Equality


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In my book, BuzzFeed has all the newsworthy gravitas of Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Duck Dynasty, and Entertainment Tonight, but this is worth sharing, and here’s why.


When corporations start using a cause in their marketing, it’s game-over for the other side.


There’s one reason and one reason only they do this. Money. We shouldn’t give them more credit than they’re due for doing this. They still have a long way to go to prove that they’re humanists. It is, sadly, still the extremely rare exception that a corporate leader – remember, these are people who run corporations capable of making different decisions – who isn’t motivated primarily by money and the selfish accumulation of vast amounts of wealth and power.


The point here is that gay marriage can now and finally begin to be considered as mainstream. Soon, it will be no more interesting or curious or culturally charged than inter-denominational or inter-racial marriage, and that is how it should be.


But for now, there’s this.


Corporations recognize that those opposed to gay marriage are the minority. They don’t really care if that minority is pissed off at them or decides not to shop in their stores or buy their products. The reason is simple. Because there are more of us in support of our LGBTQ family, friends, and strangers than there are who don’t.


And, that is how it should be, too.


#MarriageEquality #LoveWins


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