What is Romney Hiding?


I don’t understand why he’s refusing to release more tax returns unless what they reveal is worse than the price he’s paying and will keep paying for his reluctance to do what every other candidate has done starting with his own father.


2 thoughts on “What is Romney Hiding?

  1. I'll never understand why when questions like mine are asked the standard response seems to be something more akin to PeeWee Herman's, "I know you are, but what am I?" Romney is the one running for president and the question still remains. What is he hiding?

  2. I think Romney should release his tax records when Harry Ried does, and after Obama releases his college transcripts. I believe in open government from and for all.BTW, why are we worried about this, when we have not had a budget from the Senate in FOUR years? Now there is something Harry Ried should be worried about…

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