Mr. Limbaugh if you’re nasty: How right-wing mean media keeps conservatives on the fringe

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Outrage sells.Rush, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity might make megabucks and have real influence, but there’s a limit (‘Outrage media’ as lucrative response to political, technological, and economic shifts since 1980s

Greg Russak‘s insight:

It’s all about our ‘eyeballs’ and the advertising dollars.

“Why is a fragmented media environment hospitable to outrage? Think of the case of television: During the era of big-three network dominance, when programming choices were based on garnering the largest possible number of viewers from the mass audience, the goal was to offend the fewest, to program the least objectionable content. Today, the broadcast networks must work to attract a large audience amid an expansive sea of cable channels. In contrast, cable networks can produce content aimed at smaller, more homogeneous audiences. With this niche-orientation, individual cable channels can afford to offend segments of the market that are not their target audience. In fact, many cable television programs, radio shows, and blogs deliver niche audiences to advertisers specifically through the use of objectionable programming, which is dramatic, entertaining, and shocking enough to “break through the clutter” in a crowded field of cable choices.”

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