Money Rules American Government. This Is The Movement To Fight Back.

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Our government is bought. It’s time to do something about it.

Greg Russak‘s insight:

February 5th, 2014: Represent.Us premiers a 3-minute short film at Amnesty International’s landmark “Bringing Human Rights Home” mega-concert.


Our message: You shouldn’t have to buy access to your own government. That’s why we’re building a movement big enough to force our leaders to stop answering to special-interest cronies and start answering to the people.


America’s government is bought. Those who can throw campaign fundraisers and hire lobbyists get better treatment from our elected leaders than those who can’t. We refuse to accept that this is how our country should work.

Here are a few things you can do right now to help make that happen:

SIGN the petition. Click “Add My Name” to join over 424,000 Americans in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act, a proposal that would overhaul campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics laws.SHARE this page on Facebook, Twitter, Email… everywhere. Help build a movement big enough to hold politicians accountable.LEARN the details of the American Anti-Corruption Act, as well asour plan to get it passed.VOLUNTEER across America. We’re organizing district-by-district 

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Author: Peaceful Patriot

Proud middle class husband, father, and progressive liberal. Registered Non-Partisan but have much more in common with Democrats than Republicans. Consider Libertarians to be immature and underdeveloped in their understanding of reality. An atheist who doesn't care what you believe so long as you stop pretending the Founding Fathers intended for you to legislatively force your beliefs on everyone else. Laughs out loud in mocking disdain at the abject lunacy of birthers, climate science deniers, and hard core tea partiers. If that offends you, too bad. You're not rational and have no place at the adult table.

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