Angélique Kidjo Celebrates Women and Human Rights With “Eve”

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In addition to her music, Kidjo has a boundless passion for women’s empowerment and human rights. She is an advocate for girls’ education and a fighter against genital mutilation, early marriage, and violence against women….

Greg Russak‘s insight:

Make sure and give a listen to the bonus track at the end of the article. Don’t let your lack of understanding of the language get in the way. Just listen.


Bonus YouTubes are from yours truly.

"Agolo" in Fon language means "move out, make room" the song, is a celebration of Mother Earth. It is a song of hope, a call to the good powers of nature and more particularly to Aidohouédo, the great rainbow snake, the messenger of love and tenderness who coils around the four cardinal points.


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