The Week in Review

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Senate Republicans on Thursday scuttled a comprehensive bill by Sen. Bernie Sanders that would have expanded health care, education and job-training programs for veterans. Sanders, the Veterans’ Affairs Committee chairman, said he will continue to fight for passage of the bill. “We are not going to give up on our veterans,” he said at a news conference after the vote. “At some point, we are going to pass this legislation.”

Greg Russak‘s insight:

American Legion national commander Daniel M. Dellinger called the Senate action “inexcusable.”  He was equally blunt in an interview with The Washington Post. “I don’t know how anyone who voted ‘no’ today can look a veteran in the eye and justify that vote.” 



Can we stop pretending now which party it is that is doing all the partisan obstructing?


This is NOT one of those occasions where anyone can claim "Both parties are guilty."


It’s simply not true.

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Author: Peaceful Patriot

Proud middle class husband, father, and progressive liberal. Registered Non-Partisan but have much more in common with Democrats than Republicans. Consider Libertarians to be immature and underdeveloped in their understanding of reality. An atheist who doesn't care what you believe so long as you stop pretending the Founding Fathers intended for you to legislatively force your beliefs on everyone else. Laughs out loud in mocking disdain at the abject lunacy of birthers, climate science deniers, and hard core tea partiers. If that offends you, too bad. You're not rational and have no place at the adult table.

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