Why the Tea Party’s Hold Persists | Activism, Blog | BillMoyers.com

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Even as most Americans have figured out that they do not like the tea party, its clout has grown in Washington and state capitals.

Greg Russak‘s insight:

A concern and a likely reality if YOU DON’T VOTE AGAINST THEM IN GOP PRIMARIES AND DON’T VOTE AGAINST THEM IN ELECTIONS – and I mean every election, from school board and town council to Congress and maybe even the President.


"True, the events of October 2013 helped millions of middle-of-the-road voters — and even quite a few complacent political reporters — grasp the dangers of the sabotage-oriented radicalism in today’s Republican Party. But it will take a long and dogged struggle to root out radical obstructionism on the right, and the years ahead could yet see Tea Partiers succeed by default. Unless non-tea party Republicans, independents, and Democrats learn both to defeat and to work around anti-government extremism—finding ways to do positive things for the majority of ordinary citizens along the way—tea party forces will still win in the end. They will triumph just by hanging on long enough to cause most Americans to give up in disgust on our blatantly manipulated democracy and our permanently hobbled government."

Theda Skocpol, an American sociologist and political scientist at Harvard University

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