Behold, the drunk uncle-ization of America

Got a busload of immigrant children? We’ll scream at ’em.


Some people – a tiny but loud minority – really are an embarrassment to themselves and to this country.


The rest of us, I think, need to feel more than just a pang of shame, too. So long as we keep silent, keep pretending that "both sides do it," and keep paying any attention at all to corporate media companies playing us for fools as a business model, we shouldn’t expect much to change.



"Reasonable Americans — that is to say, most of us — favor sensible gun laws, care about the environment, would like to see our immigration system reformed and generally steer clear of yelling at busloads of children.


"But Fox News highlights the "patriotic" immigration protesters, knowing its viewers will eat it up. Then MSNBC highlights the same protesters because it feeds the network’s desire to misrepresent all conservatives as kooky. Then blogs and social media follow suit and, before long, America is the drunk uncle.


"It really has to stop. And it seems the first step is admitting that we have a problem." – Rex W. Huppke, Chicago Tribune



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