Bush revisionists cannot go unchallenged

Paul Krugman warned us yesterday about what the revisionists are already trying.

We should never forget and never forgive Bush, Cheney, and that entire administration. Never.

And, we must never allow the revisionists to speak their lies without immediately refuting them.

Bush and Cheney lied us into war. They lied about torture and then tried to make it seem acceptable. They lied about the benefits that would “trickle down” to us as they squandered a surplus, and they lied to us about protecting ourselves from terrorism as they waged an illegal and immoral war for oil off the books.

They are among the greatest embarrassments and greatest shames this great country will ever endure. We can never forget that even as we move past and as far away from them and people like them as possible.

It was not a normal time. Not for the America that I know and love.


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