Petition: Get Big Money Out of Politics!

The message is simple: 1) Corporations are not people and 2) Money is not speech. (37900 signatures on petition)


Our representatives spend up to half their day raising money for re-election rather than representing ‘we the people.’ As a result, the microscopic fraction of the American population who can afford to donate gobs of cash are granted undue access and influence. That’s why we have got to get money out of politics. 

The 2016 election might be the first $5 BILLION presidential election. That is a staggering figure. We must stand together to put the power back in the vote, not the dollar. We will not stand for any more greed, and we will not stand for big money determining the present and future of our country. It’s time to take democracy back. 

Headed by Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, we are an open source tactic that supports local and state campaign finance reform, national reforms and a constitutional amendment that states: 1) Corporations are not people and 2) Money is not speech. 

Please join us by signing this petition in support of a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and get big money out of politics!

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