What a Rand Paul World Would Look Like: 6 Things You Should Know About the War-Mongering, Faux Libertarian

Many young people and progressives who are wary of a Clinton presidency are seeking potential alternatives, even outside the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, much of the attention of voters seeking an alternative to mainstream candidates of both parties has focused on Rand Paul. This is no accident: Rand Paul has carefully positioned himself as “the most interesting man in Washington” for supposedly being a different kind of Republican, hip and able to connect with younger voters. Paul has made it his mission to bring more of the increasingly progressive youth vote back to the GOP fold, and polling shows that Paul does have greater support among younger voters than older ones. Paul has also mounted the most aggressive social media campaign of the GOP hopefuls for president, again partly in an effort to reach younger voters.

But Paul’s delicately crafted maverick image is far from the reality. Here are six things younger and more progressive voters need to know about Rand Paul.

Source: www.alternet.org

It’s especially important that young voters read this article.


You can read more about who Rand Paul really is at: post:https://didyoucheckfirst.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/young-and-old-people-do-not-be-fooled-by-rand-paul/


….and who Libertarians really are at https://didyoucheckfirst.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/the-dirty-little-secret-of-libertarianism-theyre-really-corporatists/


Then, in November, do the patriotic and sensible thing and vote.

See on Scoop.itDidYouCheckFirst


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