Rich conservatives rule us because we liberals let them

This meme set me off this morning.

BernieonbankCEOsHow is it possible that no one of consequence from Wall Street is in jail?

The answer is simple.

Too many Americans over the last 35 years have bought into the lie of trickle-down economics, the ridiculous fantasy of The Invisible Hand of markets, and the utterly perverse and abject moral bankruptcy of Objectivism.

Those people are called conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans, and as far as I’m concerned, the gloves are off.

If those labels – yes, labels – are how you describe yourself, you’re the problem. Unless and until you wake the eff up, you will be called out as the reason and the source of our problems because it is YOU who have been and continue to vote against YOUR OWN self-interests and the interests of EVERY American outside the 1%.

No, Democrats are by no means perfect or immune to this criticism. Anyone following this page knows this, but also know this. Both parties are NOT the same, not even close, and we need to stop acting like and talking about the political realities as if they are.

Yes, we get to feel better about ourselves when we say “Both parties are the same,” because it allows us to feel pure and untouched by petty, dirty, corrupt partisan politics.

But, the truth is simple. Both parties are not the same, and Bernie Sanders proves that. As an independent, he could have decided to run as one or as a Republican or as a Green or as a Justice Party candidate. He didn’t because he understands the reality that if we’re going to get this country back on track as a progressive nation that leads the world on social, economic, and environmental fronts, then we must stop kowtowing to conservatives and Republicans. The only way to do this at this point in time is through the Democratic Party.

One more unvarnished bit of reality as I see it.

The only other Americans more culpable for our problems than Republicans, conservatives, and economic libertarians are LIBERALS WHO STAY HOME ON ELECTION DAY.

If you don’t vote, you don’t get to bitch, and you are part of the problem.

If you aren’t registered, get registered ( and vote in the primaries and general elections for Bernie Sanders and anyone but a Republican.


Author: Peaceful Patriot

Proud middle class husband, father, and progressive liberal. Was registered Non-Partisan my entire adult life before registering as a Democrat in order to vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 closed primary. Staying registered as a Democrat in order to be part of the changes the Party needs instead of whining about it from the outside. See Republicans as devoid of moral standing, intellect, and credibility now that they've embraced and continue to support the human filth that is Trump. Libertarians are only slightly better. Objectivism is the epitome of greed and selfishness, and believers show a degree of intellectual and moral bankruptcy that can only be appreciated by someone who is proud of their lack of empathy. An atheist who doesn't care what you believe so long as you stop pretending the Founding Fathers intended for you to legislatively force your Christian beliefs on everyone else.

3 thoughts on “Rich conservatives rule us because we liberals let them”

  1. I have absolutely no sympathy for the right. We need to put down the rabid dog of Fanaticism that is now the republican party. I don’t know how it can be done but, I’m advocating the abolishment of the Republican Party. They have become a fuck nut crazy, fairy tale land, sick story. They are a danger both domestically, especially for women. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler TX) wants a woman to carry an unviable, that’s right, a dead fetus until due date because, god. Herb Titus doesn’t want anyone who isn’t from a christian nation to immigrate to the US because god and it’s polluting real American’s culture. And then there’s this: (Mat Staver‘s Liberty Counsel has rewritten the U.S. Constitution, transforming it into an anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-judicial, anti-pornography, anti-tax, pro-gun, pro-”traditional” family values, Christianist-only religion mandated, marriage of church and state. Titled, “The Declaration Of American Values,” it is a frightening, un-American, Christian extremist declaration of war on American values and anyone who is not a Christian-extremist, heterosexual, and Conservative. The Liberty Counsel is the hate-child of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, and very closely related.)
    They are a danger to our foreign policy as with everything the President wants to accomplish they obstruct. The latest is the Iran Nuclear Deal, the letter from Tom Cotton that Netanyahu gave money to Cotton to interfere with the Presidents Nuclear Talks with Iran. W/ 40+ supportive republicans that signed. As citizens we need to begin this conversation with our progressive democrat representatives. The grid locked 2 party system is what keeps the republican party relevant. Ya, we can laugh and make fun of them over the debates. But, this is not a laughing matter. This casual idea “Let it be, it’ll blow over on it’s own” is how fascists are able to gain power. They already have Fox News Propaganda mouth piece for the right. We can’t afford to sit back and let this one blow over. We need to be pro active and diligent with a proud progressive message. And we need to seriously deal with the unraveling of the conservative mind.
    The Progressive Left needs to stop being polite about our politics. We need to campaign for the dismantling of the GOP. The time for cooperation on the liberal side is over. The republicans have proven dangerous for the country. There has to come a time when a party is soo far gone that we must take control of it and dismantle it. There is absolutely no reason to show the Republicans or their Party the slightest modicum of respect any longer. I’m done with your Fascist, Savage Ignorance. REPUBLICANS ARE TRAITORS!!! Their constituency included for aiding and abetting. 1- Irony: The right is wrong about everything!!!! And we are living that irony. 2- STOP VOTING FOR THE GOP!!!!! We need to Ridicule Republicans out of office. Break out the pitchforks Progressives!! It’s time. FFS

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