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Proud middle class husband, father, and progressive liberal. Registered Non-Partisan but have much more in common with Democrats than Republicans. Consider Libertarians to be immature and underdeveloped in their understanding of reality. An atheist who doesn't care what you believe so long as you stop pretending the Founding Fathers intended for you to legislatively force your beliefs on everyone else. Laughs out loud in mocking disdain at the abject lunacy of birthers, climate science deniers, and hard core tea partiers. If that offends you, too bad. You're not rational and have no place at the adult table.

Republican voters: You have more in common with #Sanders than you probably want to admit

Are you in an income category that will see a tax increase under Sanders’ proposals? How many people do you know personally who would have their taxes raised? The question of which income group can and should be paying more, … Continue reading

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Nader takes aim at Clinton, Sanders, Democrats in general, and apathetic voters overall

Robert Scheer talks with Ralph Nader in this episode of Scheer Intelligence. Ralph peels the onion like only he can. He blasts Hillary – and Bernie – for not being actual progressives and for actually being mostly just the Democratic … Continue reading

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Even O’Reilly knows Trump is wrong. When will we hear it from regular Republicans?

I’m saddened that it has come to this, but it must be said. No one puts our rights and liberties at greater risk than #Trump and his supporters. He’s a fascist. Even Bill O’Reilly told Donald that he’s wrong about … Continue reading

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.@SenSanders will win so long as #BabyBoomers are outnumbered when it counts

Until 2015, I had spent the last 36 years registered as Non-Partisan. Sanders inspired me to change that so that I could vote for him in the closed primaries in PA. What will make the difference for him in the … Continue reading

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Tell @USTradeRep: #NoTPP via @FlushtheTPP – DEADLINE is January 13!

CLICK HERE to write to the USTR:

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