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White-collar workers: You’re in trouble, too.

The Economic Policy Institute recently published this sobering piece, Even the Most Educated Workers Have Declining Wages Here’s the part all of you fellow white-collar workers – and especially those of you who dismiss or deride the concerns about minimum and … Continue reading

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Minimum wage, living wage, and the moral questions their opponents can’t answer

Seems that too few of us stop to realize that people – you know, human beings – who do some of the most essential jobs to life itself – harvesting our food, placing it on shelves in stores, or preparing … Continue reading

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Hey, middle class. WTFU.

Maher nails it……again. (Or see a slightly longer version on Facebook) Republican politicians, you get to STFU about the last 7 years. It’s your ideology and your policies that are responsible for the widening wealth gap, the historic income inequality, … Continue reading

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Will 2015 be the year that right and left unite?

Robert Reich had this to say about a New York Times article, “Auto Industry Galvanized After Record Recall Year” His closing question got me thinking about the corruption of money in our news and in our politics. I often feel like what … Continue reading

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Have We Not Learned That Bigger Is Not Better When It Comes to Banking?

How can this be a good thing? The very people who legally crashed our economy – and those who did it illegally and still haven’t gone to jail – and have kept their bonuses are now even bigger than before. … Continue reading

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