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White privilege, crybabies, #Drumpf, and chickens

Another PA Justice chooses to retire instead of facing the music, and the lessons learned are both immediate and prescient. Why is another judge retiring? Because he’s guilty of…. “….exchanges that included photos of naked women, sexually suggestive themes, gender … Continue reading

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Can what’s left of rational #GOP begin to atone on this #SuperTuesday

Republicans have a lot to atone for from these last 7 years. As the piece linked below points out, some of that atonement is necessary for some of the ugliest aspects of human behavior which, it seems, have become de … Continue reading

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Corporate media ignores #Sanders yet again

A huge thanks to all of the volunteers of March For Bernie (Pittsburgh, PA) (and now Burghers for Bernie) for yesterday’ rally, to all of the volunteers for all of yesterday’s rallies around the country, and for all of the tireless … Continue reading

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Future generations will ask what the f*ck were you thinking

Its analysis of the top 100 donors, Politico explains, includes “contributions to super PACs through the end of 2015 that were disclosed to the Federal Election Commission, combined with analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics and an estimate of … Continue reading

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Only #Sanders has any credibility on controlling Wall Street and reforming campaign financing

There is only one candidate for president with any credibility when it comes to reining in Wall Street and doing something to end the corrupting influence that Big and Dark Money have over our elected officials. As terrible as right-wing … Continue reading

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