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When did Busters become Breitbart believers?

A friend recently asked if I’ve watched or read Clinton Cash, Crisis of Character, or Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary The answer is simple. I don’t pay attention to right-wing propaganda. What mystifies me is why such an intelligent, … Continue reading

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Tonight is the perfect opportunity for #Busters to turn the page

Let’s be clear. It won’t do one damn bit of good to turn the Senate back to the Democrats if you throw your vote away on Stein and we end up with Trump in the White House. The other thing? … Continue reading

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Answering children about #Trump and you

To Trump Supporters Everywhere: Please put aside the fact that this is a campaign ad from Clinton. Please watch it, and then please ask yourself what part of the criticism of Trump contained just in this short piece – his … Continue reading

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Parties, primaries, processes, and paying for democracy

This article from April by Ezra Klein in Vox, “This presidential campaign is developing a legitimacy problem,” is worth reading even though it’s now July. The videos with it were helpful, too. I especially liked the explanation about why we … Continue reading

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