Dear Haters, how about some answers?

This little gem was posted recently in a Facebook Group I’m in.
Dear Democrats
I asked a series of questions that have yet to be answered. Perhaps someone reading this who shares the sentiments of this meme can offer their responses.

Here goes….

I have to ask, who will satisfy this demand of yours?

Name names, please. Name at least three, and if you’re really committed to this idea, please tell us why you think any of them will win in the Party primary and then in the general. Because that’s what Hillary did, the caveat being, of course, that she lost the EC but won the popular vote.

I’m very confused and concerned whenever I see this kind of demand from fellow lefties, so I ask are you actually demanding that the Party whose last candidate handily won their primary and who got more popular votes than Trump is supposed to now surrender everything over to the demands of people who may not even belong to the Party and who seemingly are ok with a scorched earth if they don’t get their way?

Are you saying you just don’t care what Trump and the Republicans are already doing to this country and to the world, and that you’ll be happy to see it continue so long as you can feel all self-righteous about thrusting your metaphorical thumb into the eye of Party leaders as some sort of supposed punishment?

Are you saying you don’t care what happens to social safety net programs, the environment, the economy, and all the other things that Trump is already damaging, and you’ll go so far as to not voting for a Democrat you deem not to be sufficiently pure?

Is that what this is about?

Has Trump taught you nothing?

And to all my fellow progressives and liberals, I say this: Either Trump is our fault and we must own him, or he’s not.

Stop trying to have it both ways.


Don’t be too quick to applaud Brian Mast

Florida’s 18th district Republican Rep, Brian Mast, is getting accolades from the left for his February 23rd opinion piece, “I’m Republican. I Appreciate Assault Weapons. And I Support a Ban,” in the New York Times.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t nod your head in agreement or admiration as if he’s right and totally reasonable.

He’s not.
Also, he’s not brave, nor is he courageous for what he’s proposing. His proposition still falls far short of a real solution, and his only real achievement is that he’s simply one of the rare Republicans willing to have a rational conversation.
That’s where the bar is now on guns with Republicans; willing to have a rational conversation.
What’s wrong with Mr. Mast’s proposal?
Without confiscation, there is no real solution to the problem of mass shootings with assault rifles, large capacity magazines, and accessories that amplify the weapon’s ability to kill.
semiautomatic weapons store
It’s not enough to put the guy pictured with the article and everyone like him out of business. The “products” he sold legally and which are to become illegal under Mr. Mast’s proposals must also be illegal to possess.
If it’s going to be illegal to sell them, then it must be illegal to possess them, too.
That’s where I think the bar needs to be set.
Someone let me know when a politician emerges with the courage to take that stance.