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Suggesting #Hillary drop out if #Bernie wins CA is preposterous

Don’t you just love this sort of click-bait, faux journalism? Ok, it’s actually a blog post, so I guess it can side-step the literal definition of the word journalism. That, and it’s HuffPo, so liberal doses of skepticism-salt are ok … Continue reading

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What “Independents” don’t seem to want to accept

This got me thinking today. “Do you really think independents give a damn about the party?” That’s an interesting question on a couple of levels. The one I’ll address here is how the question can easily be turned around. Do … Continue reading

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Candidates’ spending on media and the Election-Industrial Complex

Where does all the money in politics go, you ask??? Thanks to OnTheMedia by way of BestOfTheLeft, we now know that, like the Military-Industrial Complex, there’s an Election-Industrial Complex. They don’t give a shit who wins so long as they … Continue reading

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Bernie or Busters: Are you prepared to own it?

I admire the passion of Bernie or Busters, but I don’t think that they’re being very strategic or very pragmatic. What I think they’re being is ideological. This friendly criticism is coming from a guy who had been registered Non-Partisan … Continue reading

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