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At 10, #Opportunity Shows Us Where Our Priorities Ought to Be

The next time someone talks about cutting NASA’s budget either because we can’t afford it or we need to spend the money elsewhere, please show them this. NASA’s Opportunity at 10: New Findings from Old Rover ( It’s an incredible … Continue reading

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Taxing Truths, Especially for Conservatives

And taxes stayed pretty much just that way for the next 15 years, until the early 1960s. Importantly, this was one of the most successful eras in US economic history. The middle class boomed, the economy boomed, and the stock … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For: Lessons From the IRS Scandal

See on – DidYouCheckFirst As the Internal Revenue Service scandal has prompted angry reactions from Republicans, Democrats, Congress and the Obama administration, Henry Aaron looks ahead to propose specific reforms regarding the budget of the IRS and the laws … Continue reading

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Apple’s Web of Tax Shelters Saved It Billions, Panel Finds

See on – DidYouCheckFirst A Congressional inquiry’s findings were remarkable both for the tens of billions of dollars involved and for Apple’s audacity in saying some of its subsidiaries were stateless and beyond any tax authority’s reach. Greg Russak‘s … Continue reading

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We’re subsidizing the group that wants more GOP obstruction.

See on – DidYouCheckFirst For over a week, Republicans have refused to focus on anything but so-called scandal. And, it turns out, that’s exactly the way they want it. Greg Russak‘s insight: “It’s also important to note that Heritage … Continue reading

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