If you’re pissed at HRC, you might be a…..

“When Hillary Clinton claims that half of Trump’s supporters qualify as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,” data is on her side.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates was right when he wrote those words in The Atlantic piece, “Hillary Clinton Was Politically Incorrect, but She Wasn’t Wrong About Trump’s Supporters”

Among the sources he links to is the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin.

Here are some data that proves Hillary is right.


From Coates’ article: “…76 percent support a ban on Muslims entering the United States”



Racism (and religiosity)

Just over twice as many – 13% compared to 6% – think whites are THE MOST discriminated against group when compared with African-Americans. By almost a 7-to-1 margin, Republicans think Christians are THE MOST discriminated against group as compared with African-Americans.



56% of Republicans say there is a lot or some discrimination against whites.



59% of Republicans oppose gay marriage, and….



….64% say it’s ok to refuse service to gays and lesbians.



False Equivalencies

There’s no way I could possibly hope to document all the data that points to the ideological and political truths that Trump, his supporters, and the party that nominated him cannot deny.

What Busters and the rest of the Hillary haters should stop doing is pretending that the two candidates or their respective parties have anything at all in common.

Data doesn’t lie. Neither should you.

So, if you’re pissed at Hillary for telling it like it is, then you might be a……



Lighten up, Berners

This meme should read……

Write in

“Lighten Up Berners”

Speaking as someone who became a registered Democrat solely so that I could vote for Sanders in the closed PA primary, I’ve grown ever more embarrassed for “Berners” and what they’re doing to “the revolution.”

I can’t decide if they’re behaving more like self-righteous and ideologically liberal teabaggers or more like self-entitled and privileged elitist whiners who can’t believe they can’t have their way.

Either way, they either don’t understand or don’t give a shit about what happens if Trump takes over the only branch of the feds the GOP doesn’t control.

Sure, sure, I get it. You’ve convinced yourself that a scorched Earth is the only way to reboot democracy, and you have no choice but to vote your conscience.

That’s why I’ll be voting for Hillary.

I refuse to look future generations in the eye and explain to them how I helped to make a Trump presidency possible. I refuse to tell them how I had to be a pure and self-righteous ideologue (or a privileged whiner) and had to vote my conscience.

What I refuse to be now is party to that which the Berners don’t seem to get. They are pissing away everything Bernie has accomplished by thinking a vote for anyone but Hillary is going to show that mean and corrupt ol’ DNC and DWS who’s really boss around here.

Hey, Berners. There are fewer of you than you’ve talked yourself into believing there are; otherwise, Bernie would be the nominee.

And, please, don’t whine about closed primaries and rigged processes. It’s unbecoming, immature, and oh, by the way, no matter how you slice the data and no matter if the primaries and caucuses were open or closed, Bernie still would have lost because we are not yet strong enough to win.

So, yeah, go ahead. CHOOSE.

Choose to throw your vote away. You’re choosing to help Trump become president. You’ll be helping to put a president into office who can’t be reasoned with and who will have no pressure to pursue any of our ideals that Bernie has brought front-and-center. Instead, you’ll be helping to put a narcissist into office who will be in a position to undermine and reverse the positive changes and real progress that has been made the last 8 years thanks to having a Democrat in the White House, and no thanks to a Republican Congress.

And one last thing. Good luck with that conversation with future generations when they ask you how you voted in November of 2016.

Additional Reading

The System Isn’t ‘Rigged’ Against Sanders; FiveThirtyEight.com, May 26, 2016

#EmoProgs, you’re not helping

To my fellow Sanders supporters:

(Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call, published along with “Sanders and Warren Sign Letter Urging Obama to Get Behind ‘Fight for $15’ Movement” May 15, 2015, by Common Dreams)

If you’re among those attacking Warren for not endorsing Sanders, and if you plan to stay home, write in Bernie, or vote 3rd party if Hillary wins the nomination, I submit to you that you will be just as responsible for a President Trump as those misguided Americans who vote for him.

Before you get pissed off at me, please understand this.

I didn’t decide lightly after 36 years as Non-Affiliated to register as a Democrat so that I could vote in the closed PA primary for Hillary. I did it so that I could vote for Bernie Sanders. Jill Stein is actually my first choice, but it’s impossible for her to win, and a vote for her is just a vote that doesn’t cancel out a vote for the Republican. Yes, it’s shitty, but that’s reality. We live in a two-party system, and 2.7% of votes going to a third party every 4 years, in my opinion, will never change that. It can, however, impact outcomes as some complain that Nader’s 2.7% did in 2000.

I’ve been a harsh critic of Democrats and fellow liberals over the years when I’ve thought they’ve deserved it. (See here, here, and here for just a few examples if you need proof.)

This is one of those times.

There apparently are enough misguided Democrats – and, I suspect, a fair number of Independents like me now caucusing with Democrats – who support Sanders to such a degree that they are referred to as acolytes. They’ve even seemingly earned comparisons to the Tea Party movement and a name of their own: EmoProg.

I don’t see this going well for us liberals in November if so many of us have become so terribly misguided that there’s now a name for people who, among other things, think Elizabeth Warren is now the enemy.

Passion is great. Let’s continue to use it and do everything we can to help Sanders win, but please, let’s not leave a scorched Earth on the Left doing it. The Right is doing enough of that already, don’t you think?

How is it possible that I agree with Goldwater while today’s conservatives don’t?

I realize that this will make some people uncomfortable and perhaps even angry.

It needs to be talked about.


Every thinking person regardless of political persuasion, party affiliation, or religious leaning knows (or should know) the following to be true.

Religion has no place in our politics.

The Founders enshrined that ideal into the Constitution.

Today, there is one and only one party ignoring this. One.

The Republican Party.

Goldwater warned us about American Evangelicals usurping the GOP. They have spent the last 5 decades convincing American conservatives that somehow Christians are being persecuted and discriminated against in America.

That, of course, is nonsense.

Now we have Republican presidential hopeful, Ben Carson, openly talking about how Muslims should be excluded from the presidency while The Donald openly mocks Carson for his Seventh Day Adventism.

Even *some* at Fox News get this. (Most, for sure, do NOT!)

This is why I firmly believe that today’s Republicans – both the politicians and those Evangelical Americans who support them – must be called to account publicly for wanting to violate a fundamental aspect of our democracy.

I never thought I’d say it, but I agree with what Goldwater said on this issue and with this passage in particular:

“I am warning them today: I will fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of ‘conservatism.'”

Wouldn’t it be great if Republicans everywhere took the same stance as Goldwater?

Imagine that.

Me, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal yearning for a Goldwater Republican.

#Independents, #Democrats, and Rational #Republicans: You control November and the Senate

Left-leaning Independents and Democrats, if you stay home this November, a Republican Senate will basically be on you.

Republicans can be ousted, but only if you show up and vote against them. You can be damn sure that our fellow Americans who think they’re Republicans will be showing up.

Yes, vote against Republicans. All Republicans.

What the GOP Stands For

The GOP has become a party of extremist ideology that no longer resembles the core values of America.

  • Bigotry towards our LGBTQ brothers and sisters
  • Paying women differently than men for the same work
  • Limiting and even ending health care accessibility to women and the poor
  • Protecting corporations instead of the environment by denying climate science
  • Enacting local laws to curtail voting
  • Walling off and arming the Southern border in the name of protecting the country and the economy
  • Perpetuating a belief in the failed theory of trickle-down economics

These disturbing ideas are among Republican dogma and policies. They are NOT core American values. They are, in fact, the antithesis of what America is about, and it is why every Republican must be defeated.

The Change That’s Needed – Real Leadership

The GOP in its present incarnation simply does not offer anything of value in the short or long term to anyone outside the Top 2% of wealthy Americans. The only way for the GOP to get the message and to change is for those of us in the middle and the left to outnumber and outvote our right-wing fellow citizens on Election Day.

What would cinch the deal would be to get some help from whomever is left in the GOP rank-and-file willing to accept the truth, and that is this: Your party does not care one whit about you and, in fact, they are dangerous to you and the rest of society. Right-wing ideology and policy are traceable as the primary sources of all of our geo-political and economic problems, past and present.

Thanks to the tea party and right-wing Big Money nowadays, the GOP has moved too far away from any middle ground or compromise worth considering. This is where Republican leaders have failed their party and their constituents. For anyone to believe that somehow the current crop of tea party Republican leaders is going to start moving the party toward the rest of us is naive fantasy and a denial of reality. Unless and until the American voting populace rises up to defeat EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN EVERYWHERE, the GOP will not change.

We Must Lead

It’s more important than ever that we in the middle and on the left step forward and become this country’s leaders.

Independent and internal change from within really isn’t in the nature of politicians and political parties. Current campaign finance laws more than ever ensure this by rewarding the self-serving and cowardly politician. Politicians do not lead, they follow. They follow the money that funds their campaigns and the follow whatever policy mandates that money issue to them. Unless you’re among the wealthy and powerful, you (and I) are not having the influence we should have.

It’s not just the GOP. This truth applies to ALL political parties, but the first thing we must do is to stop agreeing with the notion that the Republicans and Democrats are the same. They are not.

That is why we must vote and we must lead our fellow citizens and our elected representatives with courage, resolve, and conviction AWAY from ultra-conservative, right-wing ideals and ideologues, not toward them. The time for hope and compromise is over.

Show Us the Money

Politicians demonstrate daily that they have no courage and no real convictions other than to those people and the money that they believe will help them to get elected and reelected.

Let’s be clear on how we got to this.

Thanks to CONSERVATIVE campaign finance laws and CONSERVATIVE laws meant to restrict voting coming from ACTIVIST CONSERVATIVES on the Supreme Court, our politicians and elected leaders are ever more constrained to serve their Big Money masters, not us.

How is this manifesting itself this year?

As evidenced by non-partisan sources like OpenSecrets.org, the GOP is leading so far when it comes to money for the 2014 midterms.

2014 Election Overview. The 2014 mid-term elections promise lots of excitement -- and money. Take a look here at who's raising the most, where it's coming from, party breakdown, the most expensive races thus far, top donors, how incumbents are doing versus challengers and more. (Source: http://www.opensecrets.org/overview/)
2014 Election Overview.
The 2014 mid-term elections promise lots of excitement — and money. Take a look here at who’s raising the most, where it’s coming from, party breakdown, the most expensive races thus far, top donors, how incumbents are doing versus challengers and more. (Source: http://www.opensecrets.org/overview/)

While it’s pretty close right now, and while the Democrats are by no means pure on the issue of money and influence, it is immature, uninformed, and disingenuous to keep believing and to keep saying that both parties are the same and equally guilty.

They are not.

The Money Difference

The GOP demonstrates constantly that they have no appetite to move out of line with where the tea party and conservative Big Money powers are leading them. Therein lies a fundamental difference that separates them from the Democrats.

It’s important to understand this distinction: Conservative money leads Republicans toward politicians and policies like those listed above in this post. None of those ideals are designed to help anyone EXCEPT the rich and powerful conservatives in this country and abroad. (Think “abroad” is a stretch? Understand the ramifications and who benefits from the TPP and TTIP.)

This is what makes Big Money that comes from the likes of the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson different from money that comes from Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Tom Steyer. The first two are trying to move the country in a direction that is harmful to everyone but them by backing Republicans. The others are not.

I’m not defending Big Money. I’m still doing what I can to support the work of others to reform our campaign finance laws and to amend the Constitution. (See the American Anti-Corruption Act, Represent.UsWolf-PAC, and MoveToAmend.)

The Choice That Must Be Changed

Where the money comes from and what it will be used for tells us about the choices being made by politicians.

This is why any politician who calls themselves a Republican must be punished at the polls. They have made a conscious decision to join the party funded for and rooted in ideals like inequality, bigotry, irrational xenophobia, science denial, and catastrophic economic theories.

No matter how moderate or reasonable any one Republican candidate might seem, any candidate who calls themselves a Republican is a representative of that party and so must be defeated.

It’s the only way to bring change to that party; to punish them for their ideology and their policies at the polls.

The Appeal to Republicans – Save Your Party

To all you rational and reasonable Republicans, you need to start voting FOR your best interests and AGAINST your party, too.

It’s your only hope of leading the GOP away from the precipice of political extinction to which it now races at full speed.

One day soon, this country will be a minority-majority country. The GOP has almost no appeal to minorities. Your party also seems intent on alienating women, and it already has nearly zero appeal to anyone who isn’t an aging, white, rural, male Christian.

You must know that that is a strategy that leads to extinction. So, this election is on you, too. Save your party and your future.

Out From the Left and the Middle on Nov 4

It’s on all of us in the middle class to save America from the disastrous ideals and policies of GOP conservatism.

If you don’t get to the polls on November 4 and if you don’t vote against every Republican, you simply cannot expect them to change, nor our society or our politics to improve.

The Democrats in their current incarnation are no prize, either, but it is the Republican party which must be defeated now if we hope to pull them back to the middle where some compromises are possible.

I’m done moving toward them. It’s far past the time that conservatives were called out for the damage they and their ideology have done and continue to do,