Coffee Party Posts – 2015-05

Are you waiting for change because it’s bound to happen sooner or later? That’s the Gambler’s Fallacy.

What changes are you working on? Share your activism. Share your stories.

(And, no, I don’t play roulette.)


“A mother is sleeping in the dirt, and all some people can think of is profit.”

Life is not about money. Success is not measured only by profit and loss. We can and we should care for our fellow human beings regardless of their circumstances and without judging them. We don’t seem to see it often enough, but there is still good in the world. Here’s the proof.

Join me in helping him:


KCAL9’s news report:


Pittsburgh City Council Passes Resolution Against Fast Track

On April 21st the Pittsburgh City Council took a stand against Fast Track.

I’m proud to call myself a Pittsburgher for lots of reasons. This is the latest one.

Has your city done something similar? Share the news. Help raise awareness of what Fast Track is, why it’s a bad idea, and why what’s been leaked about the #TPP proves it’s bad for everyone except the largest corporations and Big Money.


#NoFastTrack #NoTPP



We need a voice: Oppose ‘fast track’ for the TPP

Written by Rev. Dr. William Barber | The Hill

Tell Congress: Don’t betray democracy!
No “Fast Track” for the TPP!

#NoFastTrack #NoTPP



Make the Rich Panic

It does not matter to the corporate rich who wins the presidential election. It does not matter who is elected to Congress. The rich have the power. They throw money at their favorites the way a gambler puts cash on his favorite horse. Money has replaced the vote. The wealthy can crush anyone who does not play by their rules. And the political elites—slobbering over the spoils provided by their corporate masters for selling us out—understand the game. – Chris Hedges



Beyond Quid Pro Quo: What Counts As Political Corruption? #GetMoneyOut

“The presidential hopefuls haven’t spent much time so far with voters. Instead, they’ve committed many days to courting the millionaires and billionaires who can fuel a White House bid. And at the same time, activists on the left and right are seeking to redefine political corruption, which they believe this is.”

Tell your elected officials you want to Amend the Constitution to Overturn Citizens United.





“If this is to be the state of our political discourse, maybe we should pour all of NASA’s money into planetary exploration. Reasonable people might need a place to live.”

This. Really?
Nebraska Woman Files Suit Against All Homosexuals






Both parties are *NOT* the same. Facts prove that. It’s time to stop pretending that they are, and it’s time to call out those who keep insisting that they are as being part of the obstruction of progress on issues like money in politics (and voter suppression, and gay rights, and women’s rights, and the environment, and, and, and….).

S.J.Res 5 has 39 cosponsors. Not ONE is a Republican.

There’s one party (plus Independents) advocating to reverse Citizens United. One.

Tell your lawmaker you demand that they work openly and publicly to Overturn Citizens United at


2015-05-10: (1pm)
Call ‪#‎Congress‬. Start fighting for fundamental reform.

This tool from MAYDAY.US will help you call the office of one of our potential leaders, so you can ask your legislators to support reform.

Note: You’ll be seeing this post more than once over the coming 2 weeks. It’s too important a call-to-action to leave to chance that as many people as possible will see it and take action.



March Against Monsanto. A worldwide event. May 23rd. Find the one near you and get out and march!


Ever wonder who’s REALLY behind the secret, job-killing #TPP “free trade’ pact?

Wait until you see who gets exposed in this video!

Then tell Congress #NoFastTrack for the #TPP:

Spread the word….SHARE this video!


Call ‪#‎Congress‬. Start fighting for fundamental reform.

Compliments of MAYDAY.US​, this tool makes it very easy to call elected officials to ask them to support reform. It even includes a script to help you with talking points.

You’ll be seeing this post more than once over the coming 2 weeks. It’s too important a call-to-action to leave to chance that as many people as possible will see it and take action.


[VIDEOS] #Baltimore rises up and corporate media falls down……again

Corporate media intentionally doesn’t distinguish between riots and protests in minority communities.

Corporate media doesn’t give us history or context or root causes.

Why is that?



My 3 #GMO Biggies. Wrote this in 2013. List hasn’t changed. Get out and #MarchAgainstMonsanto on the 23rd



This article almost didn’t get posted.

Know why? Because someone thought it was offensive.

You decide. Post your Comments.



2015-05-17 4am:
Our elected officials need to actually hear our voices. Call #Congress now and before yet another recess begins on the 22nd.

Online petitions are fine. Marches are great. Nothing except voting or paying an in-person visit works like an actual phone call to your legislator.

MAYDAY.US​ offers a system that does all the hard work of figuring out whom to call and even dials the number for you.

Be heard. Do it now. It’s painless, and it must be done.

You’re seeing this post more than once because it’s too important a call-to-action to leave to chance that as many people as possible will see it and take action.


2015-05-17 1pm:FIGHT WALL STREET’S ATTACK ON DODD-FRANK! Oppose @SenShelby attack on Dodd-Frank!

Sign this petition!
Tell #Congress and @SenShelby we need stronger rules keeping the big banks in check, not carve-outs and giveaways to let them run wild.

Tell #Congress to oppose Sen. Shelby’s attack on Dodd-Frank and any other rollback on financial reform.



Do you have thoughts and facts you’d like to share on #TPP? #ISDS? #FastTrack?

It’s no secret that I am totally opposed to it based on the facts we already do know about this secretive agreement thanks to WikiLeaks and the exceptional work of orgs like Public Citizen​ and Fight for the Future, people like Ralph Nadar and Rev. William Barber, and journalists like Amy Goodman and Bill Moyers.

The Coffee Party is having a Living Room Conversation about it all on May 28th at 8:30pmET.

#NoTPP #NoFastTrack



2015-05-18: Email Your Representative to Sign onto the Letter Rejecting Any Trade Agreements that Guts “Buy American”

“Buy American” is Under Sneak Attack by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)



Have you made your call to #Congress?

Don’t be nervous. Remember, our elected officials are supposed to be working for us!

The MAYDAY.US​ system makes it easy, and it’s too important an issue to remain silent on. Your call will make a difference. Do it now before the May 22nd recess.

You’ll be seeing this post more than once. It’s too important a call-to-action to leave to chance that as many people as possible will see it and take action.


Sanders Plan to Break Up Biggest Banks.

“No single financial institution should be so large that it’s failure would cause catastrophic risk to millions of Americans or to our nation’s economic well-being.”

I couldn’t agree more.

2015-05-21 10am:
#MarchAgainstMonsanto this Saturday, May 23, 2015.

Activists around the world will, once again, unite to March Against #Monsanto.

More info at





Did you call #Congress to demand fundamental campaign finance reform? There’s still time. Do it now. They have voicemail.

We can and we will, as individuals and collectively, be the means by which change happens.

Think of this like voting. If you don’t take action, you really don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about our broken political system.

Yelling at one another on Facebook counts for precisely bupkis.

Please make the call.



Tell the #Senate. Stop the sneak attack on #Medicare. #NoTPP #NoTTIP

There is a trade agreement being negotiated behind closed doors that will have broad-reaching impacts on the American economy. Called Trans-Pacific Partnership—or TPP—this trade deal is set to be fast-tracked through Congress, before the American public has the chance to weigh in.Not only is there a risk to American jobs, but as currently written, the deal could raise Medicare prescription drug costs.

With thanks to






“…. conservatives and liberals can both be biased in how they process scientific information or trust scientists.”

Dover looks like any other Air Force base, with a lot of nondescript buildings separated by wide, paved roads and rows of planes on the flight line. But the mission here is different…

“Today’s (5/18) final ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body against popular U.S. country-of-origin meat labeling (COOL) policy spotlights how trade agreements can undermine domestic public interest policies…”


This is a glimpse into how Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) work.

If you’re ‘not cool’ with this, then let me suggest 2 things.

First, add your name to this petition:

Second, call in and share your thoughts (either for or against) this Thursday at 8:30pmET “Free Trade, Jobs and the TPP” a “Living Room Conversation” Coffee Party Radio:


Our primary mode of transportation these days????


“The rich executed a coup d’état that transformed the three branches of the U.S. government and nearly all institutions, including the mass media, into wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporate state.”
– Chris Hedges

2015-05-28 1pmET:
Blow the whistle on ALEC! #ALECexposed

PETITION TO IRS: Immediately investigate ALEC’s abuse of its charitable status and hold this lobby group and its corporate funders accountable.

Atlanta TV investigative journalists expose ALEC and how they are corrupting our government.

If we stay silent, we are surrendering our democracy to them.

Post-racial America? Hardly.

Rights are not a zero-sum game. We must demand that every human being be afforded the same rights; otherwise, they aren’t actually rights at all. When they aren’t equal they’re just an ugly facade used by the majority to subjugate and control the minority, and it’s only the majority’s fear of losing that power that anyone can defend the idea that everyone shouldn’t have the same rights.

Racism still exists. We need to confront it everywhere we see it.

racist law enforcement

The Wrong Hypothetical Question

“In interviews over the past two weeks, 2016 hopefuls are facing a hypothetical question on the Iraq War: “knowing what we know now” would they have authorized the 2003 invasion? But James Fallows of The Atlantic says that’s the wrong question because it suggests the decision to go into Iraq came down to faulty intelligence. Fallows talks to Brooke about the better questions to ask candidates about the war and how to really learn from historical mistakes.”

If history is any evidence, too many of you will immediately post a Comment without bothering to actually listen to this piece.

Please don’t. It’s only 7 minutes long. Listen first. You’ll be glad you did.


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