News Sites

This is a list of Not Credible news sites.

It comes from Details, definitions, and updates to their work are at their site. This version was published on Feb. 26, 2017.

The list of Credible sources is here.

 NOT CREDIBLE type 2nd type 3rd type Source Notes (things to know?) bias conspiracy fake bias conspiracy bias conspiracy fake conspiracy fake unreliable 0 fake fake conspiracy conspiracy rumor satire fake satire unreliable conspiracy publishes articles denying climate change conspiracy clickbait unreliable satire political credible bias false quotes regarding banking, heavily promotes businesses advertising on site/ buying of precious metals unreliable bias unreliable conspiracy conspiracy bias fake political credible unknown domain for sale conspiracy bias junksci bias clickbait fake bias clickbait satire fake bias clickbait bias political credible conspiracy bias sites both credible/not credible sources, mix of opinion/’fact’ rumor bias bias clickbait bias clickbait satire hate conspiracy rumor unreliable clickbait rumor junksci unreliable conspiracy unreliable unreliable unreliable bias conspiracy bias unreliable site is biased but very open about bias and source bias conspiracy unreliable satire conspiracy junksci satire political clickbait unreliable links to MSM sources and unreliable sources clickbait conspiracy junksci satire conspiracy twitter account deleted? unreliable bias clickbait unknown website down political circulates generally reliable information from a p.o.v. but not at the expense of informational integrity hate conpiracy bias bias satire fake conspiracy rumor satire clickbait satire fake rumor bias hate clickbait bias fake conspiracy bias rumor redirects to (MZ 12/2) clickbait bias unreliable anon submissions conspiracy bias hate clickbait unreliable clickbait unreliable unreliable links to natural news, blacklist news, some conspiracy sites satire fake clickbait unreliable unreliable political unreliable bias bias conspiracy conspiracy The “one” bank satire fake rumor unreliable bias fake seems like a combination of totally fake and unreliable reports of ‘real’ news satire conspiracy bias fake political credible fake satire bias conspiracy ; fake bias minimal factual reporting despite being “news’ satire junksci clickbait clickbait bias hate bias credible political rumor bias fake satire satire political from what I gather, like the opposite of Jacobin (paleoconservative) bias loaded language etc. political fake fake fake conspiracy bias satire unreliable basically an RT video channel unreliable bias The news arm of Media Research Center (a conservative org that is frequently criticized for use of selective evidence) unreliable junksci junksci conspiracy unknown website empty political political clickbait conspiracy hate junksci bias fake bias fake unreliable This website is a weird mix of outright fake news and some stuff that looks more credible. bias conspiracy clickbait unknown website down unknown website down bias fake conspiracy unreliable clickbait bias incorrect/uncited data, citing other sources labeled as bias conspiracy political bias bias links to other borderline fake, but mostly just propagandistic websites bias conspiracy unreliable credible The authors on this website are pretty credible and the articles appear well researched conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy bias conspiracy conspiracy bias political unreliable This site is pretty explicit about it’s p.o.v. and is coming from a political perspective but doesn’t fit under how we are defining ‘bias’ political bias conspiracy political explicit POV – legit authors political explicit POV – legit authors bias conspiracy satire fake conspiracy unreliable copy-pasted commentary from various news & ‘news’ sources satire redirects to fake political clickbait bias a weird mix of info. they link to extremely biased sites (as sources) and more credible/balanced sources satire satire fake fake hate political clickbait credible parody fake bias clickbait unknown domain for sale conspiracy bias unknown website now down bias bias satire hate conspiracy bias pretty well known neo-nazi site bias rumor australian tabloid mag bias satire hate bias bias conspiracy conspiracy junksci unreliable hate political conspiracy conspiracy junkscience fake unreliable political conspiracy unknown personal blog that comments on news stories and blog posts unknown website down bias political editorial board as stated on about us seem to be legitimate academics, and originally authored content byline are academics, although not able to find a clear link between edu pages and these authors’ work on this website. Many 3rd party articles are linked, sources provided. These articles are aggregated from other more clearly biased sites i.e. world socialist web site (,, unknown website now down political fake fake redircts to satire German language site satire junksci satire conspiracy conspiracy political satire self-labled: bias anarcho-capitalist blog fake
Dont-Tread-On.Me conspiracy doesn’t seem to be updating anymore fake satire unknown website down political bias fake satire satire conspiracy weather control bias clickbait conspiracy domain for sale political unreliable sites some problematic sources, like CNS news political this site claims junksci, but I read over a dozen articles w/o finding any. probably should re-check soon conspiracy junksci clickbait junksci conspiracy unreliable bias clickbait satire About Me notes that it’s not fake/satirical news satire About Me notes that it’s not fake/satirical news fake fake satire fake satire satire About Me notes that it’s not fake/satirical news political commentary on current events/news fake No authors, no contact, just copy/pasted from other questionable sites bias unknown website down unknown Not sure about this one. zany religious prophecy/not really conspiracy fake unknown redirects to hate conspiracy fake satire conspiracy unknown website down unknown website down junksci junksci conspiracy conspiracy hate references to “white genocide” and “race mixing” rumor well-known tabloid bias clickbait fake vacillates between outright fake and misleading stories conspiracy junksci fake satire fiction disclaimer on bottom of home screen conspiracy bias unknown website down? unknown bias conspiracy junksci political unreliable bias unknown fake satirical I concur: unknown aggregator of actual and potentially altered videos satire satire site contains satire disclaimer junksci political legit source coming from a political perspective unknown website down conspiracy junksci conspiracy fake bias bias fake conspiracy global warming denial conspiracy bias bias conspiracy political bias unreliable satire site contains satire disclaimer satire satire conspiracy junksci bias bias hate Part of David Horowitz’ Freedom Center political credible website contains some satire conspiracy junksci junksci conspiracy bias hate conspiracy junksci conspiracy political this website is tricky (in terms of writers using some interesting frames/language). def could use a second analysis. hate conspiracy references to “Jew World Order” unknown website down 1/27 conspiracy satire conspiracy satire site contains satire disclaimer fake unknown blog is invite only fake conspiracy bias conspiracy conspiracy junksci political unreliable bias conspiracy junksci bias junksci junksci clickbait bias clickbait bias conspiracy bias conspiracy rumor satire conspiracy satire satire unreliable satire bias clickbait fake bias unreliable bias clickbait fake junksci clickbait unreliable conspiracy unreliable bias unreliable fake hate conspiracy conspiracy bias conspiracy unreliable fake clickbait bias conspiracy bias fake satire satire fake fake fake mostly turned back into car website political left wing discussion site political bias conspiracy unreliable bias clickbait satire conspiracy bias bias unknown russian version of (I think so, but i can’t get a read on this one- mz) satire fake bias unknown in French bias unreliable clickbait bias satire satire fake fake hate conspiracy unreliable bias conspiracy bias conspiracy clickbait bias unreliable bias bias clickbait junksci clickbait bias clickbait unknown in German bias unknown *Malware Warning, did not navigate to site clickbait clickbait junksci satire unreliable clickbait unreliable hate unreliable clickbait rumor bias “god/emperor” category for trump bias fake fake rumor unreliable rumor fake conspiracy bias hate political legit source form a political perspective bias unreliable stories seem to originate from real news, but are somewhat clickbait-y and sources are not cited fake bias fake satire fake unknown server not found fake bias found linked from fake bias satire political commentary on finance, economics, politics and power satire fake conspiracy fake conspiracy junksci conspiracy junksci conspiracy fake unknown website down? unknown website down? satire unreliable bias unreliable bias political contains statement that site authors are “independent, but not non-partisan” (anti-war (Ukraine)) fake satire fake satire satire fake redirects to (12/14) unknown website down bias fake satire fake fake redirects to (12/2) unreliable bias satire fake bias unknown website down conspiracy satire site contains satire disclaimer satire Tagline: The news they don’t want you to hear. Because it isn’t true. fake fake rumor unreliable fake conspiracy satire conspiracy unreliable conspiracy unreliable clickbait fake fake conspiracy hate bias white supremacist think tank credible I read through several articles and the sources cited, and appears ok (maybe sometimes a little sensational… so if anyone has specific knowledge of this site and/or good examples of problems, feel free to link them here) clickbait satire Entertainment website unknown website domain for sale satire clickbait bias unreliable bias clickbait unknown website domain for sale bias conspiracy bias conspiracy conspiracy fake conspiracy bias unknown website kept timing out. bias conspiracy bias conspiracy clickbait bias unreliable fake bias conspiracy fake bias bias clickbait bias clickbait satire bias bias conspiracy bias conspiracy bias conspiracy ex: bias conspiracy bias conspiracy junkscience ex: vaccines are a way for the CIA to spy on us bias clickbait conspiracy unreliable clickbait fake fake unknown site that pops up is only Bluehost Web Hosting site link fake clickbait bias satire fake redirects to Newslo satire fake redirects to Newslo unknown connection times out unknown resource not found unknown site not found unreliable bias unknown website down clickbait unreliable unreliable bias rumor conspiracy bias rumor conspiracy redirects to conspiracy fake political bias unreliable unknown site won’t load past index page bias unreliable bias unreliable redirects to conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy fake bias unreliable political fake bias political bias clickbait unknown domain name available for purchase junksci political clickbait unknown site won’t load for me–kg/ x2 mz unknown sponsored by Rossiyskaya Gazeta (a Russian Gov’t daily paper) fake fake news generator for pranking friends bias fake clickbait unknown conspiracy survivalist blog bias fake clickbait junksci conspiracy fake satire junksci unknown website down bias unreliable bias conspiracy unreliable political clickbait bias clickbait satire bais clickbait conspiracy junksci junksci hate junksci clickbait fake fake conspiracy bias unreliable unknown domain for sale bias unreliable fake satire political satire political conspiracy junksci rumor political owned by RT unknown political Russian news agencies are REALLY hard to analyze bias clickbait satire satire satire conspiracy junksci satire conspiracy junksci unreliable political bias My analysis is similar to this site: conspiracy junksci conspiracy bias
Silver-Coin-Investor. com conspiracy bias unreliable conspiracy conspiracy bias conspiracy bias conspiracy junksci conspiracy bias  unreliable unreliable satire satire bias state fake satire fake satire fake bias fake clickbait fake bias satire fake bias unreliable bias conspiracy ex: satire political clickbait fake fake conspiracy fake clickbait political satire conspiracy bias satire unreliable conspiracy bias conspiracy junksci clickbait conspiracy bias conspiracy political conspiracy junksci fake bias clickbait unreliable conspiracy clickbait bias conspiracy unreliable unreliable satire satire unreliable fake conspiracy bias conspiracy junksci bias unreliable bias conspiracy satire conspiracy junksci clickbait conspiracy junksci clickbait hate conspiracy unknown satire satire conspiracy satire unknown hate website isn’t loading conspiracy bias unreliable fake satire I can’t find disclaimers, but I think it’s satirical bias conspiracy hate black lives matter content spews a lot of racist info fake fake bias publishes both biased and fake content fake clickbait no authors, no history, no about us, unverifiable data, etc. hate satire satire satire satire satire fake bias fake conspiracy junksci ex: NY orchestrated the asian tsunami in 2008! satire satire fake satire bias conspiracy clickbait fake conspiracy bias satire clickbait unreliable conspiracy clickbait unreliable bias clickbait fake bias conspiracy clickbait conspiracy clickbait hate bias conspiracy conspiracy bias conspiracy junksci bias hate clickbait rumor conspiracy bias satire fake conspiracy bias fake fake bias satire unreliable fake no longer being updated fake fake no satire disclaimer, fake conspiracy fake can’t find satire disclaimer, patently false fake fake bias clickbait fake bias clickbait fake fake clickbait no longer being updated fake bias unknown redirects to huffington post fake bias bias unreliable unknown website  down unknown website  down fake fake bias bias conspiracy hate fake unreliable fake bias fake conspiracy junksci bias conspiracy unreliable clickbait doesn’t appear to be currently updated fake bias conspiracy clickbait bias unreliable unreliable fake basically copy/pastes parts of actual reuters stories, no authors listed or publication info bias hate unreliable political I read sample articles and didn’t find inaccuracy, but the language is strong/loaded bias unreliable fake conspiracy fake bias clickbait clickbait conspiracy junksci conspiracy unreliable mostly linking/commenting on both news and other sources. unreliable bias conspiracy bias conspiracy satire Site notes it sometimes contains parody satire unknown unknown bias conspiracy unreliable bias copies/pastes quotes/bits from news orgs and other questionable sites fake conspiracy bias political bias fake rumor clickbait pretty well known tabloid/fake news source conspiracy junksci bias clickbait conspiracy conspiracy rumor hate conspiracy bias unreliable conspiracy 9/11 = FBI coverup junksci rumor unknown now leads to a website about pizza unknown unknown analyzing this info is likely beyond the scope of our project at this time. but I vote to leave it on the list to see how Wikileaks info unfolds in the future conspiracy satire conspiracy satire bias unreliable satire bias clickbait unreliable unreliable satire unknown As far as I can tell, one person just writes up new versions of actual news stories. unknown seems like the beginnings of a website? unknown website down satire bias fake website down fake no longer being updated? fake no longer being updated? conspiracy junksci junksci clickbait fake satire satire state conspiracy website down political fake bias bias unreliable fake mostly links to rando YT videos clickbait unknown website down clickbait junksci unknown in Turkish unknown website down conspiracy conspiracy