The Congress That’s Never There

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The 112th Congress was widely regarded as the worst Congress ever. The 113th — which is just 58 days old, but will go into recess on Friday as the sequester hits — is taking do-nothingness to the next level, because it has done nothing to stop the deliberately stupid cuts of the sequester from happening. 58 days is actually giving our legislators more credit than they’re due: Congress has been in session just 23 of the 60 days so far in 2013. As the calendar at right shows, Congress takes most of the year off: the days shaded orange indicate when the House has been out of session over the past year. Don’t worry, the impending series of fiscal crises has not been much of an inconvenience to their schedule: the House began a three-day weekend today, enjoys a four-day weekend next week, and then goes on a two-week vacation starting on March 22, even though government funding runs out March 27.  MORE


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