Bernie is right. Right now is not the time to be supporting a protest vote.

Bernie is right. Again.

“Right now is not the time to be supporting a protest vote.”
– Bernie Sanders

One-on-one with Bernie Sanders
One-on-one with Bernie Sanders

In my opinion, for anyone to accuse him of being a sell-out, or to now hold the view that they should no longer follow his advice, seems to me to be a possible marker for not really and truly understanding him, what he was and still is all about, what he’s still working for on our behalf, and the reality of how our political processes work.

I’m very much with Bernie on this issue of protest voting in this election cycle.

I agree with him on his support for Hillary.

It’s important to note that he’s not just saying that she’s the only alternative to Trump. It seems to me that he’s speaking pretty clearly and pretty directly in support of her and her positions on real issues.

Here’s what else he says. These excerpted comments come from an exchange which begins around the 5:50 mark if you don’t have time to watch all 9 minutes.

“Election days come and go….Change does not occur in a 2-week period or in a 6-month period. It is a constant struggle……..My goal is to get Secretary Clinton elected, but if you think I’m going to stop the day after, you’re wrong…..Then the goal is to mobilize the American people to make sure that Congress does the right thing….fulfills the platform that we wrote for the Democratic Party, which is the most progressive platform in the history of American politics.”

Is the Democratic Party as progressive as I would like? No. It never has been.

Is that platform and a Clinton presidency a real and meaningful step in the right direction? Yes, I think it is. It’s why, after 36 years as being registered Non-Partisan, I registered as a Democrat in this cycle. It was so that I could vote for Bernie in the closed PA primary.

Bernie was my first choice. He didn’t win. At this point, I think it’s a near-meaningless waste of energy and oxygen to continue to speculate, agonize, and complain over the reasons – real or imagined – for why he lost. It’s done. It can’t be changed. (And, please, spare me the orange jumpsuit predictions. After 35 or 40 years of relentless right-wing attacks, nothing has stuck. Maybe there’s a reason for that other than another layer of conspiracy.)

So, what I’m going to do in November is what Bernie is suggesting that we all do, and that is to vote for Clinton and to continue to advocate for progress toward a better world for everyone by supporting people down-ballot who share that vision.

Sanders has a vision I share. He’s also pragmatic about how and what it will take to realize that vision.

It will take longer than one election cycle.

As a Sanders supporter, if you cast a protest vote in November, you need to understand that Sanders sees it as I do. It’s a vote for Trump.

Your vote can make a statement, or it can make a difference.

It’s your choice.

When did Busters become Breitbart believers?

Dick MorrisA friend recently asked if I’ve watched or read Clinton Cash, Crisis of Character, or Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary

The answer is simple. I don’t pay attention to right-wing propaganda. What mystifies me is why such an intelligent, well-informed, and well-reasoned individual would.

Here’s the more detailed response. Feel free to copy and paste it as your response to your Buster friends who are asking you these same questions.

“In the meantime, did you see or read Clinton Cash yet?”

No, and I’m not planning to watch it. It’s right-wing propaganda just like Citizens United’s “Hillary: The Movie” was.

Why would I give a shit what another hit piece has to say, especially knowing it comes from the likes of Peter Franz Schweizer, a “right wing political consultant,” “president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) and a former William J. Casey Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is also Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large.”

“How about Crisis of Character?”

No. Similar reason as above, and to wit:

“The book was denounced by the non-partisan Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service for making “security harder by eroding the trust between agents and the people they protect.”[2] Members of that Association also said that Byrne’s job and role at that time would not have given him the level of access that many of the book’s tales would be dependent upon.[2] Media Matters wrote that in places Byrnes’ account in the book stood in contradiction to his sworn testimony before the Independent Counsel during the Lewinsky scandal in 1998.[4]”

” Or former advisory to Clinton Dick Morris’ book, Armageddon.”

You mean the Dick Morris described below? No. Same reason. It’s right-wing bullshit that I can’t believe you’re buying into.
“Morris said that he would leave the United States if Hillary Clinton were elected president in 2008.[11]
“Morris was the strategist for Republican Christy Mihos’s campaign in the 2010 Massachusetts gubernatorial race[12] and supported Mitt Romney in 2012, predicting that he would achieve a landslide victory. Blogger Andrew Sullivan has named an annual award after Morris, given for “stunningly wrong political, social and cultural predictions.”[13] He has appeared in the past on the Fox News for political commentary, especially appearing on The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity.[14][15] After the 2012 election, Morris did not appear on Fox News for three months, and the network ultimately opted not to renew his contract.[16]”


It’s worse than I thought…..

“Now he is the chief political commentator and correspondent for The National Enquirer.”

“How much smoke do you have to be surrounded by before you conclude there’s a fire?”

(To be clear, that’s my friend’s question to me. He knows that I was once a very vocal and active Sanders supporter who, like Bernie, now supports Hillary.)

I think you’re seeing fog, not smoke from a fire. What you call smoke, I call the intentional fog of propaganda and brainwashing. Repeat something enough times and people begin to believe it’s true. It’s how it works.
So, the answer to your question might be, “When it’s really smoke from a fire that some right-winger didn’t light.”

Here’s my only question to you (and to all the Busters who refuse to support Hillary):

When did you start becoming a fan and amplifier of this sort of propaganda?

And, please, don’t come back at me with some personal attack, ok?

I answered your questions as you asked. Now I’m asking you. Why do you trust these sources? Is it because they support the narrative you have about Clinton?

40 years in public life and nothing has stuck. After 40 years of trying, if there was even one ounce of ‘there’ there, wouldn’t something – anything – have stuck to her by now?

No, I am not saying she’s an innocent. Not by a long shot. Sadly, one doesn’t get to where she and Bill are and have been in American politics by being pure. What I am saying is that the entire weight of conservatism has been piled against her, and still no jumpsuit.

What bothers me most is watching some of my friends echoing right-wing propaganda.


Tonight is the perfect opportunity for #Busters to turn the page

Bern as senate leaderLet’s be clear. It won’t do one damn bit of good to turn the Senate back to the Democrats if you throw your vote away on Stein and we end up with Trump in the White House.

The other thing? Sanders has said the process wasn’t rigged. Sanders has made it clear who he wants his supporters to back now.

Obama and Kaine gave him AND YOU props tonight.

Now would be the perfect time for Busters to demonstrate their intellect and their concern for America. You need to find some kind of closure in tonight.

If not now, when?


To all of my fellow Sanders supporters, this ain’t the last election ever.

Cheer up, and start showing up for every election, from school board and town mayor to the president, and never vote for a Republican or their crazy cousins, the Libertarians.

Sad Sanders supporters


The lesson to be learned from this election is explained by Samantha Bee. This is probably the “most important” 7 minutes ever. (Watch the video. You’ll understand.)


If that lesson doesn’t sink in, watch part 2 here.


Like I’ve always said, if you don’t vote, you don’t get to bitch.

Ignore the Busters

Which brings me to how I plan to vote in November. I’m for Hillary now because Bernie has lost.

Making that decision known in certain online circles is akin to confessing to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby or being the second shooter on the grassy knoll.

It has resulted in former friends and fellow page admins resorting to calling me, “…a small man, cowering in the corner….”


BeTheWave name calling redacted

….as well as falsely accusing me of saying Sanders supporters are “losing their shit” – something I’ve never said – and being in support of a candidate that condones beating women to put them in their place, a statement that is patently false about Clinton and me.

BeTheWave slander redacted

(By the way, the video above never shows the Clinton supporter actually hitting the Sanders supporter with his cane, but if the left-wing Bill O’Reilly, Cenk Uygur, says it happened then it must be true. )

Where’s the Surprise Coming From?

Everyone gets to make their own decisions about what we think is right and best for America and ourselves, right? Isn’t that what the whole one-person-one-vote-kill-the-parties-and-superdelegates-and-electoral-college outrage is all about?

Well, in my view, that decision now leads me to support Hillary since Bernie is out. For that, I’m falsely accused of all sorts of irrational things.

Which brings me to this.

In my view, for the Busters to keep complaining about the nominating process and outcome isn’t helpful to them, to Bernie, or this country.

Look, I get it, and believe me, I’m not telling anyone what they can and can’t say. Remember me? I’m the guy the tyrants over at the current incarnation of the Coffee Party kicked out and wouldn’t allow to join again because I wouldn’t stay quiet about how they censor speech on their main Facebook page.

Stay angry and keeping fighting just as Lee Camp says. Just realize that it’s starting to sound more and more like sour grapes and childish whining, especially when some of you Sanders supporters call those of us who now support Clinton small and cowards and fans of violence just because we don’t agree with you.


It comes down to this simple truth. Bernie was not a Democrat until it became convenient for him to do so.

I can only shake my head in bewilderment over the outrage some of my fellow Sanders supporters still express over the idea that the DNC, the majority of rank-and-file Democrats, and the party apparatchiks all like Hillary better because……


Who the eff did you think Democrats would prefer? You know, actual, card-carrying, been-here-all-along-where-the-eff-have-all-you-Busters-come-from-and-why-the-eff-should-we-turn-shit-over-to-you types of Democrats who make up the majority, yes majority, of…….wait for it…..the Democratic Party.

It’s their Party, not ours.

Seriously, whom did you think they’d prefer, one of their own or a usurper who would caucus with them but wouldn’t join them until it served his purposes?

Unwelcome Guests, Hero Worship, and Religion

Sanders supporters being mad at all things Democratic Party is like someone crashing your house party and then getting pissed off at you because you don’t let them move in and just take over.

So, yeah, I’m one of those Democrats of Convenience, too, just like Bernie. I registered after 36 years as Non-Partisan to Democratic so that I could vote for Sanders in the closed Pennsylvania primary. Their club, their rules.

Come November, like Bernie, I will vote for Hillary just like Bernie says he will because it appears to be the only logical and pragmatic thing left to do. It sucks, but that’s life sometimes. As Mick has sung for decades, you can’t always get what you want.

Super BernieSaint Bernard is not a superhero, he’s a politician with whom I happen to agree.

I don’t worship him as many of his more fervent followers appear to do. He’s not Superman or the Second Coming. All of this hero worshiping has gone from being admirable to fanciful to farcical.

It almost seems as if the Bernie or Busters behave in ways akin to religious zealots. They seem intent on turning “the revolution” into a religion with Bernie playing the role of their political L. Ron Hubbard.

That kind of thinking, in my view, is not a good thing.

So, barring some unforeseen set of circumstance, I’ll be voting for Hillary. As of today and according to RealClearPolitics, she beats Trump. With 4 months left to go, I can only see Trump doing more and more damage to himself, not less.

Yes, I’ll be promoting the idea that others join me in supporting Clinton, not because she’s my first choice, but because she’s the best choice left given how our politics operates.

If that makes me small or a coward in the eyes of some, all I can ask is WWBD?


The system is not rigged, and it’s not stupid.

What part of this is untrue? Hint: Nothing.

“In this sense, there’s nothing “rigged” about the race for the Democratic nomination: both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were aware of the lay of the land in advance; both understood what it would take to succeed; both created game plans based on the existing rules, and both recognized that those rules, some of which were established years in advance, would remain unaltered once the process began in earnest.”

Bernie in cali

My fellow Sanders supporters would undoubtedly have a different take had he won, but this incessant whining about how the DNC and DWS and HRC and everyone who’s not a Berner stole it from him is really becoming unbecoming.

Add to that now how some are going on the attack against Elizabeth Warren, and I begin to worry that some of my fellow liberals are next going to be talking about moving to Gayana to start their own perfect and pure society where the non-believers are not welcome.

Look. Sanders, like me, was a “Democrat of Convenience” this year. The system wasn’t rigged against him. He knew – I presume that he knew – precisely what it was going in. That’s why it’s so disingenuous for us – or him – to complain that it worked against him.


To all my fellow Sanders supporters, please stop acting surprised or outraged that the party elite and more of its members preferred someone who has been a Democrat for a long, long time. Don’t get me wrong. Bernie’s incredible success is a testament to our understanding of the issues and the work that went into supporting him that took him as far as he got. HE ALMOST WON. THAT IS AMAZING!

But, just because he got this close but didn’t win doesn’t mean the victory was stolen from him. More DEMOCRATS and more Democratic party apparatchiks known as superdelegates wanted Hillary. WHY IS THAT COMING AS A SURPRISE?

Some of us joined the party just so that we could vote for Bernie. Many, it seems, demanded to be allowed in as uninvited guests to their ‘party.’ No matter how we came to this ‘revolution,’ lets salvage our dignity and let’s preserve the awareness we and his campaign have raised on so many vitally important issues by now acting like rational adults instead of party crashers upset that we weren’t treated better or didn’t get to hear only the music we wanted.

I think Bernie did the smart thing to run as a Democrat, and I think he would make a much better president than the other two, but I will disagree with him about open primaries.

Democrats – card-carrying members – are the only people who should pick who their party nominee will be. Same goes for Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, and The Rent’s Too Damn High parties.

You want to be part of the nominating process and have your voice heard? Join the club, and know their rules. Want to be part of the changes to rules and processes you don’t like? Same answer.

It’s time to have the maturity to acknowledge that Bernie is not the Democratic party’s nominee. It’s time to act like we do understand the issues and the importance of this election. It’s time to put hurt feelings from real (or imagined) insults aside and do what’s best for this country.

Most of all, let’s not squander all the political capital Bernie and we have by acting out of spite, malice, or anger. In other words, like sore losers.

Oh. One last thing. Elizabeth Warren is not a sell-out and she’s not the enemy. To anyone who thinks so, one-way flights this Friday from San Fran to Georgetown, Guyana, are going for about $750 on Expedia. Have a nice flight.