Future generations will ask what the f*ck were you thinking

Sanders in VT

Its analysis of the top 100 donors, Politico explains, includes “contributions to super PACs through the end of 2015 that were disclosed to the Federal Election Commission, combined with analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics and an estimate of average small donation size ― $75 ― calculated by the Campaign Finance Institute. The analysis doesn’t include money donated to nonprofit groups that don’t disclose their donors ― including groups set up to support Rubio, Bush and Clinton ― nor does it include donations to super PACs funneled through shell companies or other nonprofits in a way that avoids FEC disclosure.” (1)

Let that last part really sink in.

“….nor does it include donations to super PACs funneled through shell companies or other nonprofits in a way that avoids FEC disclosure.”

Avoids FEC disclosure. How the hell can anyone be ok with that? How?

If you’re not infuriated and outraged by this, I’d like to know why.

How can any of us be supportive of a system in which the wealthiest among us can both openly AND SECRETLY spend millions to buy our democracy the way you and I buy groceries?

How can any of us support any candidate who takes that money and who will, regardless of their claims to the contrary, kowtow to the desires of those writing those checks?

There’s only one candidate – one – who is truly fighting for us and against the status quo of Big and Dark Money.

No, it’s not Trump.

trump bankruptcyHe’s a showman, a carnival barker, a (non)reality TV show host, a four-time loser as a business leader, and the greatest narcissist the world has ever seen. What he is most is an embarrassment to America. I don’t know how they’ll do it, but I don’t envy his supporters trying to answer the question they’ll have to answer for future generations.

“What the fuck were you thinking?”

Thanks solely to the Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justices, the political Miracle Grow of Big and Dark Money unleashed by the Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings have corrupted our democracy and put our entire political system from top to bottom up for sale to the richest among us.

Partisan SCOTUS Justices on CU and McCutcheon

If you don’t see the truth in that, it’s because you refuse to look at the facts openly and honestly.

This is not about opinions. This is not about “different perspectives.” This about facts.

Sanders is the only real candidate who is not taking Big and Dark Money and who actually gives a shit about actual people.

It’s now up to each of us to decide where we stand this primary season and in the general.

With Trump? With Cruz? With Rubio? With Hillary?

They’ve all been bought. The best way to fight back is to vote against them.

Vote for yourself. Vote for Bernie. He’s the only one on our side; the side of all 99-percenters.

(I started this post today before the news that Antonin Scalia was found dead. The carnival that is the Republican Congress must be licking their chops over how obstructionist they will be over whomever Obama decides to nominate.)


(1) “While Mega-Donors Average $1,950,000… Average Sanders Donation Still Just $27”, Jon Queally, Common Dreams