Zimmerman Has Been Found Not Guilty. Now What?

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst (MOTHER JONES)   Now that the verdict is in, here’s what could happen next.   Federal charges: The Department of Justice launched an investigation last March to investigate whether Martin’s shooting amounted to a federal hate crime—that is, if Zimmerman followed and killed Martin because he was black. In July … More Zimmerman Has Been Found Not Guilty. Now What?

Reefer Madness, an Unfortunate Redux

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Scientifically, it is very unlikely that marijuana use caused aggression in the Trayvon Martin case. Greg Russak‘s insight: “Was Trayvon Martin aggressive and paranoid from smoking marijuana, and did that lead him to attack George Zimmerman? That’s what lawyers for Mr. Zimmerman are arguing. He is on trial for killing Mr. … More Reefer Madness, an Unfortunate Redux