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More proof the parties are not the same, and that the #GOP is the enemy of every American

Want to understand what and how our electoral process is REALLY rigged, where it’s rigged, and who is REALLY responsible for it? Spend 6 minutes of your day listening to this….. http://www.wnyc.org/story/governing-minority-how-state-laws-influence-national-elections ….then 4 more minutes listening to this…. http://www.wnyc.org/story/coming-clean-voter-id-lawsContinue reading

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Let’s be clear

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The strawmen that define the #GOP

This Education Week article, “Education Continues to Struggle for Airtime in GOP Debates,” might be behind a paywall, so let me just offer 2 fun facts from it and end with my own conclusions about what it has to tell … Continue reading

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Maybe the middle class will wake up someday and realize they aren’t #Republicans

I have an answer to this question. “So pathetic that an asshole like Trump apparently appeals to more Republicans than ‘august’ leaders like Perry, Santorum, and Cain who, incidentally, are also still being taken seriously while unmitigated failures like Jindal, Cruz, … Continue reading

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