GOP Tax Plan is Anything but “Winning” for Regular Americans

If you call yourself a Republican, vote for Republicans, make less than 200-grand a year, and think the GOP tax plan is good for you, you have been duped.

Every time I eye the GOP’s tax plan, I’m reminded of Ebenezer Scrooge’s wish to “decrease the surplus population” of the working class and poor.

Scrooge’s sentiment is re-animated in myriad ways that punish retired, working folks and the poor in recent GOP attempts to reward the ultra-affluent and corporations in their version of “tax reform.”

“How The GOP Tax Plan Scrooges Middle Class, Retired And Poor,” John Wasik, Forbes Contributor

Want to see how bad it is?

It shows that if you make $30,000 – $40,000 per year, 61% of taxpayers in your income group would get a tax cut in 2019.
Sounds good, right?
Now look at the facts.
  • 26% of you will see $500 or more.
500 bucks. Maybe more. Feels like “winning” to you? Fine. Live it up now, because it won’t last.
  • 35% of you will get between $100 and $500.
The equivalent of 40 bucks or so a month at best. Feeling that GOP slap of your face yet?
  • 34% of you will see little or no change, meaning $100 or less.
How’s that kick in the nuts you’re getting from your Party feel? That feel like winning to you 1/3 of people in this income category?
  • 4% of you will pay more.
Well done. You’re the big “winners.”
By 2027, 9% of you will get a tax cut and 21% will pay more in taxes.
Plan to let us know how sleeping in that bed you made for everyone feels, won’t you?
Oh. One more thing.
Please plan to explain your loyalty to and your voting for Republicans when the 1 trillion dollar shortfall in 10 years adds to the deficit, and you and your friends and relatives see their Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security fall shorter and shorter of their needs.
If you’re not already in the top 10% of income earners making over 130-grand a year and you’re still voting for a Republican, any Republican, in any level of government, you have been and continue to be duped. And, this is just on the facts and reality of economics. It says nothing about the complete bankruptcy of the party on social, moral, ethical, intellectual, and ecological issues.
This country will be great again, but it won’t be thanks to you Republican voters who keep voting against your own self-interests and the best interests of your family, friends, neighbors, fellow American citizens, and the rest of the world.
So, go ahead and continue to willingly set yourself up as cannon fodder for Republican politicians and the people who pull their strings. The rest of us will clean up your mess.
Oh, and no, Democrats aren’t perfect. Save your breath. That’s not what I’m suggesting at all, and that is a ridiculous retort.
That said, however, the one thing Democrats absolutely are not are the same as Republicans.
Which also means you so-called progressives and liberals need to stop with that bullshit, too. You’re embarrassing yourselves.
GOP tax plan vote
“Senate passes sweeping GOP tax plan in early hours of Saturday morning”

History will not be kind to Trump supporters

The story for me in this NBC News/WSJ poll isn’t so much that his overall approval has sunk to 38%.
It’s that it’s at 81% with Republicans.
Trump job approval
I guess this means that 8 out of 10 of our fellow Americans who have been duped into thinking they are Republicans are happy with him and the job he’s doing.
I pity them for how future generations and history will treat them for being so thoroughly and willingly played for fools.
This cretin has precisely zero concern for them and absolutely nothing in common with common – or decent – Americans.
The fact that 8 in 10 Republicans approve of him is the epitome of blind obedience and partisanship.

What every American needs to say to the GOP, and what they need to do every election day

This is exactly how I feel toward the GOP.

There can never be another compromise with them on anything. Ever.

Trump is all the proof any thinking person should need to accept the reality that conservatives and Republicans are waging a war on decency, intellect, intelligence, and the future.

The Republican Party is the enemy of everything this country is supposed to be about.

What to do?

Show up on every election day to vote against every Republican at every level of government, from school board and town council to Congress and the Presidency. If we don’t, we don’t get to complain, and we can’t be angry and outraged about the country sliding down the slippery slope toward the kind of hate-filled, corrupt, and stupid kleptocracy embodied by Trump.

Complain that the system is rigged.
Complain that there’s not enough difference between Democrats and Republicans.
Complain about Big Money in politics and anything else that bothers you.

But, stay home or throw away your vote, and you need to understand that you’re helping the GOP.

It’s that simple.

Hey, #liberals and #progressives, Republicans are not our allies. Stop playing the fool.

John McCain? John Kasich? Lindsey Graham? Now, Peggy Noonan?

Peggy-fucking Noonan? Now she’s being lauded for her WSJ piece as some sort of voice of reason because she found some modicum of self-serving political courage to criticize Trump and the GOP???

Oh, she’s so brave.

(Side note: For those who don’t know her, Noonan’s claim to fame was putting only slightly more intelligent words into St. Reagan’s and GHWB’s dimwitted heads than either of those two intellectually challenged conservatives could come up with on their own.)

How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!”So, I issue this plea with all due respect and humility to my fellow liberals and progressives; please stop with the, “Oh, he’s/she’s one of the good ones,” bullshit. PLEASE!

Noonan, McCain, Graham, Kasich, and all these newly minted “good ones” fall into the same who-gives-a-fuck-what-they-have-to-say category as Rick Santorum who, unlike these new Republican “reasonables”, proved once again and just yesterday on CNN that he is an unmitigated sycophant happy to say and do anything, including defending Trump, just to get air time. Why the fuck he is paid any attention at all by any media outlet is a mystery.

Which brings me to this question. Can you guess what media strategy so-called reasonable Republicans are starting to use? (Hint: It includes criticizing a certain someone they all helped to get elected.)

Me? I’ll start taking Republicans at their word when they start acting more and talking less.

As for my fellow liberals and progressives who are starting to turn a warm and welcoming smile toward some Republicans, this is your cue to stop willingly playing the fool.

I write this because I’m starting to see this in too many places and from too many liberals and progressives. There seems to be a drift by some lefties toward wanting to make room for and to even extolling the all too obviously disingenuous virtues of people like Kasich, McCain, and Graham.

We must resist their siren song. We can’t be so eager for reasonableness and sanity that we allow ourselves to fall for their politically calculated appearance of reasonableness.

ArsonistConservatives are the very people who set the world on fire. They and their actions going back to Reagan are what made a cretin like Trump possible. Now that the Earth is being scorched, they want us to believe they are in the fight to put out the flames with us?

Bullshit. They are doing what they do best; playing Americans for the fools we all too often are.

If we on the left agree to set the ethical, moral, and intellectual bar at a president who is now seemingly half a step away from flinging his poo at press conferences, we are allowing right-wing, empty-headed, narcissists like Noonan, soft-spoken ex-Lehman Brothers directors like Kasich, and hack politicos like McCain and Graham to try to appear as reasonable and to be more appealing to Americans generally.

And, that’s commendable? Laudable?

That’s no accomplishment at all. It does nothing to move this country to the left if we start giving credit to anyone for anything when it’s Trump they are compared against. It’s not just meaningless, it’s ridiculous.

We must give Republicans and conservatives no quarter nor any credit for doing anything more meaningful than serving their own ends by criticizing the horror of a person that they put into office.

The bar for me is still set where it always has been; liberal and progressive values that put people, the planet, and peace above the backward, destructive, and discriminatory ideology that is conservatism and Republicanism.

So, again I say to my fellow liberals and progressives, don’t be fooled, and stop playing the fool.

This country is where it is now because of conservatism, because of Republicans and their failed policies, and because of people like McCain, Graham, Kasich, and many who, yes, are far worse.

Every conservative and all of the right-wing own some part of Trump. For any of them now to try to convince us that they, too, are upset, angry, and concerned about Trump is like the arsonist now claiming to be worried about the neighbors’ houses.

They now want us to believe we’re all on the same side; unified against Trump.

Perhaps they even want us to believe that they are coming to their senses.

They may even want us to start thinking and believing they have agreed with what all of us Trump detractors have been saying since that idiot man-child came out from behind his failed businesses to be their candidate and the candidate of the hateful, the uninformed, and the aging white conservative voter.

Well, I’m calling bullshit on all of them. So should you.

What I see happening now just proves that they are nothing more than self-serving hypocrites and lying political hacks.

All they want now is to keep turning this country in their favor, and all they may need to realize that is to win a few of us liberals and progressives to their side.

Don’t do it. Don’t start complimenting them for pretending to care when all they are doing is being politically savvy.

Call them out for their culpability. Call them out for their guilt in helping to set this country on fire.

All conservatives and all Republicans are not equally guilty. Not all of them threw equal amounts of gasoline on the fire. But, they all threw some.

The conflagration that is Trump is on them.

Every conservative and every Republican owes this country and the world an apology. Then and only then can they have any credibility in helping the left to take down this abomination that is Trump, and only if they work with us to replace it with a progressive and liberal agenda.

If what we do is to once again move to the right by once again compromising and even embracing the right, then we truly are the fools.