Puritanical liberals really piss me off

The following was posted today in a closed Facebook group in response to a post I made about an NBC News/WSJ poll that shows that 81% of Republicans support Trump.

Original Coffee Party post

I have to say that I’ve grown pretty sick and tired of this sort of bullshit from my fellow liberals.

The following is my response to the OP.

Thought it was worth sharing with a broader audience than just the closed FB group. Would like to hear what you think.


Man, that is some tortured reasoning in the face of the facts, <NAME REDACTED>.

Look, I’m as liberal as anyone, and I want what you want, but when are you going to give up the purity tests, give up blaming the Democratic Party, and realize that on election day you can’t always get what you want?

The Democratic Party prefers losing elections? That’s absurd, and I suspect you didn’t mean it literally. Besides, I know you know that Clinton beat Sanders and Trump by 3million votes each. I know you know that nationwide Democratic Senators and House Reps tallied more votes than Republicans.

And, you want to blame the Democratic Party for not fielding candidates you want?

Voting Americans were very clear in 2016 about whom they preferred. Democrats.

Yes, yes, the two party system is corrupt and beholden to big money. Yes, yes, campaign finance and electoral processes are rigged.

And, what you complain about is a, “….Democratic Party <who> is unwilling to put forward candidates for public office that will serve the American people.”

The American electorate – a majority of the American electorate – doesn’t see it that way.

Yes, yes, what about all the voters who have given up and don’t vote? I say fuck ’em, just like I say fuck off to Flake and Corker. They aren’t courageous, they’re cowardly. If they had any balls and were truly committed, they’d campaign against the buffoon and his flavor of Republicanism even if it meant losing reelection, but I digress.

Of the many reforms we both (I think) want to see is the elimination of the electoral college. I’ve sent Lessig some money. He’s actually doing something about it. And even though they’ve hit their fundraising goal, here’s the link. Hope everyone reading this will kick in and pitch in however they can.


<NAME REDACTED>, I believe you to be a thoughtful, intelligent, and caring person, but this demanding that the Democratic Party apparatchiks……what??……meet up in their secret mountain lab to stitch together pieces of candidates to create some kind of pure-enough politician that you can support really is maddening.

What, exactly, do you want from them? Even better, who would make you happy running as a Democrat? Who would be pure enough for you? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie again? Who? And, what are going to do if you don’t get your way again, throw in the towel? Throw away your vote so a Republican vote isn’t canceled out. Yeah. That’s what has to happen in the end. Republican votes need to be canceled out.

As for this endless lamentation about the two party system, I’m with you, but I have to ask again, what do you want and from whom do you want it? You think the Democrats aren’t doing enough? Why would they, and have you seen the other side? Shit, the GOP is literally setting ballot access and voters’ rights back 50 years!

And corporatist Democrats are too distasteful?

Honestly, man, the 2016 election has opened my eyes wide in lots of ways. One of them is why conservatives hate us and mock us.

What we collectively seem to be really good at is whining and complaining about all kinds of injustices while we collectively refuse to basically take one for the team – meaning, society at large.

We refuse to actually do what is pragmatic and possible. Instead, what we seem to be really good at is shaking our self-righteous fists at “the system” from the comfort of our laptops and middle class homes while all the groups of causes and people we are supposed to care about – the environment, economic inequality, refugees, immigrants, the poor and working poor, LGBTQ, women, minorities, and on and on – all get left to Republicans because we can’t bring ourselves to vote for those so-called “corporatist” Democrats until they give us the perfect politician.

Who’s perfect? If that’s the standard, then get used to conservatives running things while liberals do what we seem to do best; hold fast to our ideological purity regardless of the consequences to others.

Hey, #liberals and #progressives, Republicans are not our allies. Stop playing the fool.

John McCain? John Kasich? Lindsey Graham? Now, Peggy Noonan?

Peggy-fucking Noonan? Now she’s being lauded for her WSJ piece as some sort of voice of reason because she found some modicum of self-serving political courage to criticize Trump and the GOP???

Oh, she’s so brave.

(Side note: For those who don’t know her, Noonan’s claim to fame was putting only slightly more intelligent words into St. Reagan’s and GHWB’s dimwitted heads than either of those two intellectually challenged conservatives could come up with on their own.)

How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!”So, I issue this plea with all due respect and humility to my fellow liberals and progressives; please stop with the, “Oh, he’s/she’s one of the good ones,” bullshit. PLEASE!

Noonan, McCain, Graham, Kasich, and all these newly minted “good ones” fall into the same who-gives-a-fuck-what-they-have-to-say category as Rick Santorum who, unlike these new Republican “reasonables”, proved once again and just yesterday on CNN that he is an unmitigated sycophant happy to say and do anything, including defending Trump, just to get air time. Why the fuck he is paid any attention at all by any media outlet is a mystery.

Which brings me to this question. Can you guess what media strategy so-called reasonable Republicans are starting to use? (Hint: It includes criticizing a certain someone they all helped to get elected.)

Me? I’ll start taking Republicans at their word when they start acting more and talking less.

As for my fellow liberals and progressives who are starting to turn a warm and welcoming smile toward some Republicans, this is your cue to stop willingly playing the fool.

I write this because I’m starting to see this in too many places and from too many liberals and progressives. There seems to be a drift by some lefties toward wanting to make room for and to even extolling the all too obviously disingenuous virtues of people like Kasich, McCain, and Graham.

We must resist their siren song. We can’t be so eager for reasonableness and sanity that we allow ourselves to fall for their politically calculated appearance of reasonableness.

ArsonistConservatives are the very people who set the world on fire. They and their actions going back to Reagan are what made a cretin like Trump possible. Now that the Earth is being scorched, they want us to believe they are in the fight to put out the flames with us?

Bullshit. They are doing what they do best; playing Americans for the fools we all too often are.

If we on the left agree to set the ethical, moral, and intellectual bar at a president who is now seemingly half a step away from flinging his poo at press conferences, we are allowing right-wing, empty-headed, narcissists like Noonan, soft-spoken ex-Lehman Brothers directors like Kasich, and hack politicos like McCain and Graham to try to appear as reasonable and to be more appealing to Americans generally.

And, that’s commendable? Laudable?

That’s no accomplishment at all. It does nothing to move this country to the left if we start giving credit to anyone for anything when it’s Trump they are compared against. It’s not just meaningless, it’s ridiculous.

We must give Republicans and conservatives no quarter nor any credit for doing anything more meaningful than serving their own ends by criticizing the horror of a person that they put into office.

The bar for me is still set where it always has been; liberal and progressive values that put people, the planet, and peace above the backward, destructive, and discriminatory ideology that is conservatism and Republicanism.

So, again I say to my fellow liberals and progressives, don’t be fooled, and stop playing the fool.

This country is where it is now because of conservatism, because of Republicans and their failed policies, and because of people like McCain, Graham, Kasich, and many who, yes, are far worse.

Every conservative and all of the right-wing own some part of Trump. For any of them now to try to convince us that they, too, are upset, angry, and concerned about Trump is like the arsonist now claiming to be worried about the neighbors’ houses.

They now want us to believe we’re all on the same side; unified against Trump.

Perhaps they even want us to believe that they are coming to their senses.

They may even want us to start thinking and believing they have agreed with what all of us Trump detractors have been saying since that idiot man-child came out from behind his failed businesses to be their candidate and the candidate of the hateful, the uninformed, and the aging white conservative voter.

Well, I’m calling bullshit on all of them. So should you.

What I see happening now just proves that they are nothing more than self-serving hypocrites and lying political hacks.

All they want now is to keep turning this country in their favor, and all they may need to realize that is to win a few of us liberals and progressives to their side.

Don’t do it. Don’t start complimenting them for pretending to care when all they are doing is being politically savvy.

Call them out for their culpability. Call them out for their guilt in helping to set this country on fire.

All conservatives and all Republicans are not equally guilty. Not all of them threw equal amounts of gasoline on the fire. But, they all threw some.

The conflagration that is Trump is on them.

Every conservative and every Republican owes this country and the world an apology. Then and only then can they have any credibility in helping the left to take down this abomination that is Trump, and only if they work with us to replace it with a progressive and liberal agenda.

If what we do is to once again move to the right by once again compromising and even embracing the right, then we truly are the fools.


Politicians are cowards. More than that, they are cowardly followers. So are we.

I recently received this in an email from a friend.

Brilliant! Anger is the only way. You have won me over.  This is America.  American’s <sic> respond emotionally.  We have to rile them up against the right.  But if Democrats aren’t up for it, then who?

Who’s up for it? I think it’s up to us to be the ones who are up for it. It’s up to each of us to lead.

All this country needs is for rational people to stand up and take the fight to the extremist conservatives, to the tea party, and to the Republican Party. Their ideology and, hence, their politics have become morally, ethically, and economically bankrupt. Why should there be any room, willingness, or appetite for compromise from the middle or the left? That’s how we’ve gotten to where we are now.

No more talk of middle grounds for me.

No more talk of compromise.

No more pretending that “both sides” are equally at fault. That’s bullshit and, frankly, it always has been.

Conservatism in all its current flavors is the problem. If more independents, if more liberals, and if more progressives would just speak that fact out loud, with force and with passion at every occasion, then more and more silent but rational people would find the courage to do the same. I’m convinced of it.

I say it again. Politicians are cowards. More than that, they are cowardly followers.

If more liberals and progressives took the fight to conservatives then more and more of the cowards in the Democratic Party would follow us. We’d have more and more people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren winning elections and representing us.

And, if the cowards in the Democratic Party refused to follow our lead, then we’d simply (and finally!) lead in new 3rd and 4th and 5th directions. In fact, we ought to be doing that now.

Personal side note: According to ISideWith.com, I align the most with Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, at 66%. A close second is Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party at 64%. Barack Obama was third at 60%. As for Party affiliation, it was a tie at 94% alignment with both the Green and the Democratic Parties. Those who know me won’t be surprised to see that I am left of both of them on the party axis chart.

My party grid from www.ISideWith.com
My party grid from http://www.ISideWith.com

None of the changes we need to make to our political and governance systems are likely to ever happen as long as there are only two all-powerful parties.

They and the Big Money that controls them will, of course, oppose more choices. That’s why the grassroots “war” must be waged on the first winnable “front.” As soon as we “politically destroy” one party, the other will finally have to acknowledge OUR power as We The People. They will know they are left with only two choices: to follow our lead and take our direction, or to risk finding themselves in the political graveyard with the first casualty.

I am committed to a strategy of “politically destroying” today’s version of conservatism and the Republican Party. The central tactic in that strategy is to continue to reveal them for what they are; the traceable and factual source of most of our problems, from economic to social to geo-political.

No, of course they are not solely to blame, but they are MORE to blame for our troubles than the Democrats. As such, they must be the first to go.

It’s time we liberals and progressives (and even you centrists) stopped being cowards. It’s time we took the fight directly and forcefully to the extremist conservatives controlling today’s GOP.

Spend the next eight minutes watching HBO’s Newsroom opening clip. It’s fiction. I know that. That’s the shame of it.

It should be the speech every rational American launches into when someone asks who’s up for leading the change we need. It’s us.