Labor is who made and will make our country and our economy great, not rich plutocrats

On this Labor Day – a day in celebration of the American worker – this is for anyone who still believes in the lie of trickle-down economics.
Listen to this self-aware billionaire warning his fellow plutocrats that’s it’s actually an ECONOMIC BENEFIT for workers to earn better wages.
Oh. And, the pitchforks.

Celebrate Labor on Labor Day – YouTube

Published on Aug 29, 2013

Robert Reich, the Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration and the subject of the upcoming documentary “Inequality for All,” shares a Labor Day message about how we can do better by workers. In the video, he announces a petition campaign to pressure McDonald’s’ and Walmart’s CEOs to pay their workers a fair wage of $15/hour.


Celebrate labor on Labor Day and everyday. It’s time more of us stood up for labor and stopped allowing the lie of trickle down economics to go unchallenged.


It was labor and the middle class who made this country great. It was not capital, it was not Wall Street and it was not and never will be the wealthy. They are nothing without the rest of us.

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