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Tech Giants Issue Call for Limits on Government Surveillance of Users

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Eight major companies, led by Google and Microsoft, are calling for tighter controls on surveillance of their customers’ data by governments worldwide. Greg Russak‘s insight: The next time we want to complain about government overreach, … Continue reading

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Keeping the NSA in Perspective

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst Programs such as PRISM begin modestly but turn dangerous when left unchecked. Greg Russak‘s insight: "The threat posed by PRISM and other programs is not what has been done with them but rather what could … Continue reading

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Whistleblowers and Politics; When is a Hero a Traitor and Vice Versa?

What makes one whistleblower a hero and another a traitor? Let’s start by asking Obama’s detractors, especially those who ceaselessly characterize the size and overreach of “big government” as a threat to our democracy. How do you see Snowden? Is he … Continue reading

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