Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law was born of 2004 case, but story has been distorted

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst PENSACOLAIn 2005, as lawmakers pushed to pass sweeping self-defense legislation that would become known as the “stand your ground” law, critics had one challenge: Show us a case in which someone had been treated unjustly. Greg Russak‘s insight: Lawmakers continue to misconstrue the case. See on http://www.tampabay.com Advertisements

Zimmerman Has Been Found Not Guilty. Now What?

See on Scoop.it – DidYouCheckFirst (MOTHER JONES)   Now that the verdict is in, here’s what could happen next.   Federal charges: The Department of Justice launched an investigation last March to investigate whether Martin’s shooting amounted to a federal hate crime—that is, if Zimmerman followed and killed Martin because he was black. In July … More Zimmerman Has Been Found Not Guilty. Now What?