A Plea to Ordinary Republicans

Here’s a peek into how our elected officials were working for us last week…….or not.

Toomey Email 2

We all know now how Toomey and the rest of the Senate voted. The Republican junior senator from Pennsylvania voted to send our government into default.

We all know now that 144 House members – all Republicans – did the same.

For those of you who were – and who still are – cheering the ideas of government shutdowns and defaults, perhaps it would be useful to bring the discussion down to a more local and personal level. Perhaps you should consider this reality: Even the staffers who were furloughed by Mr. Toomey are people.

They are people just like you, and your vote for people like Toomey and the 144 House Republicans is, for all practical purposes, a vote to put more Americans out of work. Americans who have chosen to work FOR YOU as civil servants.

Yes, there’s waste, fraud, and abuse in government just as there is in every large organization. Attacking the problem with broad cleaves like sequestration and the abject lunacy of shutdowns and defaults is not how to address those challenges. That’s simplistic and, frankly, juvenile thinking.

My plea to ordinary Republicans is this. Is there any hope that you will rise up and take your party back from the extremists in the tea party who claim to be patriots but who really are corporatists?

UncleSamWantsYouIs there any hope that ordinary Republicans will finally wake up to the fact that a vote for people like Toomey, Tom Corbett, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and any so-called tea party Republican is actually a vote to DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY and to PUT MORE OF OUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, and FELLOW AMERICANS OUT OF WORK?

Joe Scarborough makes a very telling observation along these lines in a Politico Opinion Column on Oct 18:

…Republicans were licking their wounds around this time last year after being blindsided by a presidential election whose outcome they should have seen coming a mile away. But ignorance was bliss as conservative politicians and talkers pushed bogus polls and political fairy tales to angry voters who were once again on the losing side of history. Media outlets that released polls showing President Obama winning were attacked as biased and conservatives who warned of Romney’s weaknesses were rhetorically burned at the stake as heretics.

So, to ordinary Republicans – my fellow Americans – I ask these questions:

Are you going to allow your fellow Republicans to continue to go unchallenged in their insistence that reality is something different for Republicans?

Are you going to keep believing and perpetuating the false and failed ideology (it doesn’t deserve the moniker of ‘policy’) of trickle down economics?

Are you going to stop watching, listening, and repeating the lies from fraudulent news sources that operate based on agendas that work against you and America?

Are you going to accept the truth that the Tea Party is a corporatist movement, NOT a grass roots movements?

This is on you, Republicans. Independents and Democrats can’t change your party. Only you can do that.

When you ordinary Republicans stay home during primaries, when you stay all too silent at times like this while people like Cruz try to turn our system of governance into a sham, and when you allow your Grand Old Party to be usurped by big money masquerading as a grass roots movement, well, this is on you.

I hope that you ordinary Republicans will work to end the support – yours and your fellow Republicans’ – for the dangerous ideology of Tea Party corporatists. They are the real Tea Party; groups like The Heritage Foundation, the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Club For Growth, and their ilk. They don’t care about you or ordinary Americans. Their only mission is to lie to enough Americans to get them to vote for people who, once in elected office, will pass legislation to further corporatize America.

I believe that the Republican Party is populated by a majority of intelligent, well-meaning people. I hope that this majority will seize this opportunity to start pushing back against the extremists in their party now, in a big way, and in big numbers.

I’d like to offer a few nonpartisan ways you can do precisely that right now.

I truly hope that you will, and that you will spread the word to your fellow Republicans.

Move To Amend
You can sign the petition to overturn Citizens United because money is not speech and corporations are not people.
https://movetoamend.org/ and http://movetoamend.nationbuilder.com/petition

American Anti-Corruption Act
Citizen-sponsored nonpartisan legislation that transforms how elections are financed, how lobbyists influence politics, and how political money is disclosed
Details at http://anticorruptionact.org/ and here to become a Citizen Co-Sponsor http://unitedrepublic.actionkit.com/event/cosponsor/9815/

Coffee Party USA
A grass roots, nonpartisan group that encourages inclusive, civil, fact-based, solution-oriented dialogue, online and in public places.
Coffee Party USA no longer has my support or endorsement. Click here if you’re curious as to why that is, and please drop me a Comment if you see any links to them on this site I may have missed.