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Template email to lead TPP negotiator, Stan McCoy (, and his team at The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (






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Greg Russak‘s insight:

For anyone looking for a template email to send to lead TPP negotiator, Stan McCoy (, and his team at The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (

Dear Mr. McCoy:


Negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership is an incredible responsibility. I respect the fact that traditional negotiating strategy and tactics dictate that you attempt to secure the most advantageous terms possible on behalf of those whom you ostensibly represent.


I respectfully request that you please consider that you are representing more than just the corporations recently revealed to be among the very few who actually have any knowledge, input, and influence on the TPP. You are also representing all of the citizens of the United States of America; ordinary citizens like me who are concerned that our interests and the interests of ordinary people the world over are not being considered very much if at all.


By some accounts, you and your team are using overwhelming numbers of negotiators and bullying tactics to force other countries to accept exorbitant patent protections. These protections are being reported to be designed to keep the cost of healthcare and medical treatments high and out of reach of far too many people. Please understand that as my representative I consider bullying tactics to be abhorrent, and outcomes which inhibit access to healthcare to be immoral and unconscionable.


Mr. McCoy, you possess a power and authority very few people in history have ever had or ever will have. Your decisions and your actions will impact the lives of billions of people for better or for worse for generations to come. I’m confident that you appreciate that you and your team will be judged by future historians for what the TPP is and what it is not. 


I implore you to put the interests of present-day and future people all over the world at least in equal standing with the interests of corporations who, I’m quite sure, will find a way to be successful and profitable even if they don’t get every exorbitant patent protection they want.


Thank you,


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