It’s On #MiddleClass America to Save America

I can’t imagine anyone arguing that America does not need a healthier, more economically viable, active, and growing middle class. Sadly, I also can’t imagine much argument that the exact opposite is dramatically evident. The question now is what are we in the middle class prepared and willing to do about it? I ask that … More It’s On #MiddleClass America to Save America

Poison Alphabet Soup: #TPP, #TTIP, #ISDS

Imagine a dystopian future in which foreign corporations sue for and win millions and even billions of our tax dollars in damages while exercising incredible and corrupting influence over our elected leaders to change, overturn, or create laws that benefit companies at the expense of our safety and our liberties. Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it? Not … More Poison Alphabet Soup: #TPP, #TTIP, #ISDS

Ted Cruz’s 12-Step Program for Citizenship

Ted Cruz loves to tout how his dad, Rafael, got here the “right way.” Here’s the 12-step program Rafael followed. It’s so simple why doesn’t every immigrant simply follow it? 1. Fight alongside Communists in a revolution to overthrow a U.S.-backed leader 2. Get captured by the government forces 3. Have father’s lawyer friend bribe … More Ted Cruz’s 12-Step Program for Citizenship